The wisdom of sacred Geometry

Light Language is one of the clearest languages that nature, we and the universe communicate through.
It is the interface between us and the “all knowing” consciousness.
It is based on sacred geometry and colors, the combinations between them and the structures through which we perceive and project reality.

Learning Light Language is a tremendous gift that one can give to him/herself.
In each of the classes, you receive initiations to the colors, the shapes and the structure, gaining the opportunity
to both identify the exact areas in your life/body/consciousness that are out of tune
and become naturally aligned with your well-being.

This by itself is an extraordinary and precious experience that can transform your entire life.
The practice of Light Language is based on your natural ability to co-create your reality with your projection.
After the initiation, you will have higher awareness to what you project,
and a direct access to the ABC that can compose your NEW reality.

I was privileged to be initiated to Light Language in 2003, as it was passed down from master to student
in the Curanderos lineage through Starr Fuentes.
Since then I became a teacher, a teacher’s teacher and a master of this art.
It has transformed my life and the lives of an uncountable number of people whom I have initiated.
Light Language offers an irreversible change.

Light Language_ 1st level

(8-10 hours)

In the first level of Light Language you will be introduced to the basic colors and shapes that reality appears in, as well as to the relevant constellations of energies throught which each color and shape is directed to a specific area in your life. Consequently, you will be recomposing with intention and awareness the experiences that you wish to go through in your life. 

The way you approach relationships, communications, activities and spirituality is sublime.


Light Language – What is it?
A 30 min explanation, recorded in Switzerland 2014 […]

Light Language_ 2nd level

(2.5 days)

The art of manifestation is about the ability to consciously transform intention into a living reality.
In this level, while being initiated to more colors and shapes, you will gain insights into the geometrical forms that convey the fundamental components
of the momentary nature of creation.

With this initiation, you become the magician, the teacher, the master of your life, and create energetic structures to manifest anything that your heart desires (intimate relationships, healing self-esteem, increasing self-love, financial abundance and more).

From Light Language Initiation

Light Language_ 3rd level

(7 days)

This level is more about upgrading your life lessons, as if you were writing a letter to your soul with the wish to touch and illuminate significant issues in your life, such as femininity/masculinity, mental abilities, love, life purpose etc.

The teachings connect you to the eternal now, place you in higher states of consciousness, and enable you to see and create a new luminous blueprint that traces your experiences in a much more aware and elevated way.

Here the initiation expands to 80 and more shapes, 144 colors and a complex energetic structure that serves the level of precision and details required when working at that refined and subtle state.

Eternal Mobius

(2 days)

The energetic structure of the Eternal Mobius allows you to create exponential growth that will challenge and guide you to break through the illusionary limitations you obey.

Catalan Solids, inner laws

(6-10 hours)

Between you and the Divine Grace exists a specific constitution (your inner laws) that filters the flow and your ability to receive the abundance Divinity offers. The Catalan Solids are the geometrical shapes that support you in re-designing this filter in a way that prevents you from standing on your own.

Advanced principles, the 7 rays

(2 days)

Use sacred geometry to evoke the Ascendant Masters and the Archangels connected to the seven rays, to inspire and charge your elevated qualities.


The Effects of Light Language
Everything is made of sacred geometry and colors, everything already has a grid, and therefore, grids can be written for any purpose […]

The Origins of Light Language
Light Language is an ancient teaching that was passed down from the Shamans of Vera Cruz,  Mexico, and rooted in the Mayan culture  […]

Co Create with Light Language
What we call reality is equal to a multi dimensional user interface – where vibrations of light are perceived by our nerve system and translated  […]

  • For me ,it was a soul journey through space and time to the origin of the creation, and at the same time in here and now.

    Helen, Sweden
    Helen, Sweden
  • Thanks to Homaya's teachings I experiment and own my reality, with joy and fun! Love!

    Florin  Brancovici
    Florin Brancovici
  •  Homaya is an amazing guide to this magical trip Learning Light Language with Homaya was the best present I could give myself

    Alisa Reikher
    Alisa Reikher
  • Homaya looked inside my eyes and everything changed. Everything. Homaya looked into my eyes and I knew God exists and was there in front of me, to show us that we all are amazing and beautiful.

    Eleonora Scotto
  • Homaya gave me for the real first time the courage to look into myself with clarity and strength. I feel like, from now, I have a shining awareness about my life.  Thank you!

    Silvia Mai

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