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The uniqueness of the methods and techniques is the simple and pure use of the energies that exist in the sacred space that is created. Some of the healing methods use hand and body postures, some use different types of breathing and some atune to the certain and exact healing frequencies. All the healing works offered are directed to healing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances and affect all areas in life as whole.

The workshops are open to healers and to people who wish to experience the deep healing and transformation that is created in a sacred place held by a group of dedicated participants. In all workshops all participants are learning the knowledge related to the relevant subject, initiated, and practice both giving and receiving the healing.


Perfect Containment Field

This is one of the most basic and important tool that have a direct influence on the amount the light you, as a healer, are able to generate.
Here you learn to create and maintain a sacred space which directly influence your presence, support your healthy boundaries and empower your activity.


Aura Activation CD

Healing from Zero

This is the basic ABC of the art of healing work: Cleaning and enlarging the vessel that you are allowing source to flow through you,
Apply your hands, fingers and feet positions that transform and bring in light and energy. Become aware of the basic and powerful Healing Elements through body, heart and mind movements.

Distance Healing & Future healing

As you become active in directing your energies, prayers and intention, you can also direct them beyond time and space.


The Nature of Healing

The nature of life is of constant growth. So is your nature. Growth and development essentially consist of cleansing and empowering cycles […]


Healing wisdom

A profound process that go through all body systems & major organs, offers effective healing methods for self healing and for healing services.
Each system and organ can also be learned separately.         

Splitting the rainbow

The rainbow is a metaphor for our soul, our spiritual growth. Hu-mans are a walking talking rainbow, each color and each chakra gradually bring spirit to manifestation. Learn to split the rainbow and to fetch its unique rays of color in order to increase ease of manifestation. This powerful breathing Shamanic technique evoke deep energetic healing processes.

Higher channels

Your perception of the material and physical realm is created from the total input that comes through your physical senses and your subtle sensors. The most used sensors are located in the areas of your head, parallel to your 3 higher chakras; the Throat, the 3rd Eye and the Crown. When those chackras as open and the subtle sensors are active essences like harmony, truth and peace can easily be perceived, and well being is increased.

Aura Balancing

In current times, it is natural to have severe imbalances in our energy field and aura. Sometimes the imbalance is so rooted that one can’t realize his lack of presence. Aura balancing is performed in different energy levels: Chakras/ energies centers, energetic body, the whole aura all affecting how present, practical and effective you are in life.

Electromagnetic Restoration

Bring back the natural balance of your aura that can be damage due to interfere with the electromagnetic field. It is highly recommended for people who spend a lot of time working in computers environment, use the mobile phone or live in the neighborhood of antennas. It also support the the integration of the higher vibrating bodies and strengthens the immune system.

Energetic face lifting

Although our collective belief system, take for granted that the ageing of our cells cannot be reversed. Energetic Face Lift offers a gentle, easy and quick technique to work on your health, youthing and beauty. It awakens the intelligence of your cells and stimulate a smooth and youthful skin with beaming and vital look.



A fast, strong, bright and transforming breakthrough energy that creates a profound shift in the nervous system birthing a new consciousness.

Breath of god

Blowing and moving a concentrated gush of energy to a specific point on the body a process of energetic detachment begins, distancing the person from factors which inhibit and delay healing. Very beneficial after long process of internal healing.

Intense spiral of health

Gives a clear order for healing that provoke a series of actions to support it. Extra effective for profound couple work.

Star of immortality

The Star of Immortality is expressed in evolved Sacred Geometry as a vibrating shape that awakens the Pineal Gland, shining from and to the sacred heart and influences the perception of time, life and existence. You will receive an energetic initiation to the shape and to powerful healing technique that is preformed with it. 


The Nature of Healing
The nature of life is of constant growth. So is your nature. Growth and development essentially consist of cleansing […]

How “I” Heal
There are 3 main ways to play with Healing Energies, 1. Using a specific healing technique, 2. Generating precise vibration […]

Healing with Frequencies vs. Technique
How determine when it is more appropriate to use a healing technique vs. a transmission of energy / frequency? […]

The Naturalness of Healing
The common approach to Healing is very often charged with an underlying attempt for achieving results […]

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  • The biggest  spiritual Teacher that I met on my path is Homaya Amar. The greatest gift that her students receive is her energetic knowledge  and initiation  from heart to heart, and how to BE a space of Healing. She  shares her wisdom with every student in the most appropriate way for him. Homaya holds space and opens the possibility for people to radiate their inner diamond from within.


    Tatiana Lagranski Blous
    Tatiana Lagranski Blous Holistic doctor, healer and artist.
  • I felt that my body and soul went through an “overall” treatment, with a sense of anew, freshness, energy, vitality, happiness, and a knowing that my soul is dancing joyously. I feel that this class is the best present we can give ourselves. [...]

    Shanni Giladi
  • This activation happened on a perfect moment in my life, and it brings me a strong support to go on with ease and love, from inside out, sensing the waves of giving and receiving from and to life. May others may benefit from this blessed light. [...]

    Teresa Salgueiro, Portugal

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