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It’s time to play with Vortex,
Portals & Dimensions !

Shamanism is an incredible, large and fascinating world, and a way of living.
Shamans have the ability to navigate between the realms, through the dimensions, using portals and vortexes.

They are intentionally exchanging with the great mystery, for the highest good of all.
There are various types of shamanic work around the world, the uniqueness of what I offer is in the simple and pure use of the energies that exist in the sacred space that is created. Is it the time for you to enter this world …?


There is so much more to this life than what we are used to grasp with our regular senses.
Start lifting the veil and seeing beyond the limitations of the physical perception.


Dimensions – Spiritual Technology
The continual, evolving process of the planet, of mankind & of consciousness is ever­ shifting and changing constantly. Some of the changes that are happening through time […]

Related classes:

Invisibility – use the Invisibility dimension to clear out energies and become invisible to yourself and others.

Gateways – learn the types of portals, the way they functions and increase your ability to apply it for your needs.

Dreamland – learn to navigate in this realm and to bring intention and actin to play together. Make your energetic bodies collaborate to create wise and powerful journeys.

Initiation to the elements

Everything that is created, natural or manmade, is composed of the presence of the 5 elements:
Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Ether.
Consciously connect to the elements in a way that you can call upon them as needed,
to bring strength, brightness and health to your life and to others’. 

Living as a Curandera

What you call “luck” is actually created by dedicating and consecrating the energy of your actions.
Make each action a prayer and create your “good luck”.

Shaman’s toolkit

There are 12 main challenges that stands in your way while you progress on your spiritual path.
Learn to identify them, and to apply the medicine that the Shamans offer to breakthrough and pass through them.

Mayan Initiation

Feel the presence and the grace of the mayan Gods through four powerful initiations that will effect your relationship with your physical body in multiple levels.


The Path of Shamanism
Shamanic work consists of the quality that grasps Creation in its widest sense, recognizing the unity created from and into diversity […]

Multi-level Healing
Integrating every aspect of the human being is the only way to clean and heal ourselves, as well as elevate and transform various areas in our lives […]

Additional classes in Shamanism

  • Material realm reload – learn to design the energy in your space and to charge it to support your creation and well being
  • Spirit Guides – initiation to an astral journey to create and cultivate efficient relationship with your Spirit Guides
  • You, allies and God – it’s known that a good Shaman has good connection in the astral realms

All classes involve initiations and energy field activations that will prepare you to serve your life and others.

  • "Thank you! I have a new heart!"

    Manuela Graziani Italy
    Manuela Graziani Italy
  • "Everything is more clear, more deep, more live and perfect! Thank you Homaya! "

    Veronica Giulia
    Veronica Giulia Actress
  • Light comes in and bursts out like a huge fountain! Each class with Homaya expands the heart, the breath and the soul. Homaya is a humble Master that does so much service for her students and for everyone that comes by her light!

    Naama Gabbay
    Naama Gabbay Doula, Reflexologist & Energetic Healer

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