Access the codes
that awaken your Mega Human Potential !

Every thought, emotion and even word you say to yourself is structuring your DNA.
The way you look, whatever is happening to you in life and the possibilities you are able to perceive are all accessible to you.
Your DNA codes are not only what you inherited from your parents – every instant in your life leaves its trace of influence.
If you have always believed that life is difficult (a struggle), that you are shy, that you don’t deserve life –
this would currently be imprinted in your DNA. In a regular process of healing,
updating the information in your DNA will need the same amount of energy input as it took to “write” the gene.
DNA Energy Healing is offering something else.

With these advanced healing techniques,  you will get a direct access to your DNA codes –
and be able to choose which genes to write anew, as well as awaken noble and magical genes and even go further
to the roots of creation beyond accessible time.
In DNA Energy Healing we are accessing codes and re-writing DNA, this generates a miraculous and luminous expansion in all areas of life.

Light & Energy Weave


The foundation of health  is the weaving of light and energy. Light comes from Source, carrying intention. Energy comes from Earth, relating to action .
Any type of imbalance in the body and in life indicates a flaw in the appropriate combination of light and energy exchange.

In this workshop you will be initiated to 4 powerful techniques that allow you to weave light and energy together – evoking miraculous healing, for yourself and for others.

DNA Healing

Awaken your Mega human potential!

Your DNA is rewriting itself each moment, regardless of the patterns you inherited from your blood family. You can imprint your body cells with new capabilities for living a healthy and bright lifestyle.

In this 7-day in-depth seminar you will

* be introduced to the system of the 12 DNA strands.

* gain insights about their types, their locations in your energy field, and the way they are integrated in your body and life.

* write your upgraded DNA map and give new instructions to/for your genetic evolution in a way that accelerates your growth.

* experience giving and receiving hands-on-healing for your complete set of DNA strands.

* gain a practical tool for supporting others to heal, shift and empower their DNA.

What will your life look like when you consciously interact and communicate with your organs and genes?

Your DNA your Evolution

Mystical DNA Healing – 12 Essences of Astaria

Over the evolution on planet Earth, the human race has evolved through different phases.

In Astaria which is considered the “Second World” – between the age of Adam and Eve and the age of Atlantis and Lemuria the human race had been crossbred with various species that are considered today legendary.

Nowadays, the gifts from the species of Astaria are within reach, allowing you to tap into primordial virtues that will raise you to an advanced experience of self.

In this fascinating 6 day journey, you will:

  • explore the 12 essences of Astaria, their qualities, their challenges and their gifts.
  • recognize the traces of these essences within you.
  • reconnect to your 12 chakra system and the 12 subtle bodies, and realize how they direct energy to your life.
  • be initiated to evoke the appropriate essence that can spark and awaken fields of involvement in your life.
  • learn how to create for yourself and for others advanced DNA charts, that can elevate traits across the DNA strands.

The possibility to access these potent and vital energies that lay dormant in the roots of your DNA gives you the power to break through limitations into the richness of your capabilities.

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  • Thank you for sunshine of holiness. It was magical, strong and healing.

    Tatiana Lagranski Blous
    Tatiana Lagranski Blous Holistic doctor, healer and artist.

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