Meet your light beyond any limitations

Divine intervention is a three-week-long class of intensive and
profound training on the path of self-mastery.

In this intensive profound class, you receive spiritual foundations that would expand your work with light and energy and support a new harmonious way of living, while acquiring the abilities to facilitate Divine Intervention; releasing tumor energies and creating physical plane manifestations and spontaneous remission with the use of shamanic healing techniques, as passed down from the ancient Mayan lineage of the Curanderos the master healers of Mexico.

Service to others reaches new higher levels.
Acts that seem magical become commonplace.

Every day during this class you:

  • release your personal limitations.
  • remove your masks.
  • practice an awakened lifestyle.
  • work with and within the various dimensions.
  • raise your vibrations.
  • get closer to yourself.
  • improve your ability to handle life situations.
  • increase your connection to nature and Source.
    Become more ALIVE!


You will go through:

  • creating and maintaining a Sacred Space
  • daily meditation and yoga practice
  • deep emotional transformation
  • clearing and cleansing
  • fire walking
  • sweat lodge
  • dancing, drumming and singing
  • hands-on practice
  • over 20 healing processes
  • spontaneous remissions
  • initiations
  • service
  • energizing exercises
  • group activities
  • spiritual ethics
  • surprises

Divine Intervention Video Playlist

  • Probably the most powerful thing I learned is that I HAVE THE POWER. Like everyone has it. We just have to be aligned with the Source and with ourselves. The DI is Magic, a great increase to our life. I CAN DO IT. YOU CAN DO IT. WE ALL CAN DO IT [...]

    Lucilia Baleixo, Portugal Dancer & Choreographer
  • Thank you for this light work. I felt in my veins, HEART and LIFE. I felt very intense work. It was perfect! It is a very special work. THANK YOU teacher of the COSMOS, LOVE and LIGHT.

    Susana Antunes, Portugal Artist
  • 6 months after, I find myself  giving healing consultations, having a richer personal life, preparing for guiding a workshop, sharing myself more and more with the world, painting again on canvas, more in contact with mother earth, expanding my faith more and more [...]

    Vanda Pereira, Portugal Artist
  • The DI is a profound blessing of God, Life and Love. The impossible becomes possible!!! Since I’ve decided to go, all the impossible things in my life, became possible. The DI is a deep connection with a family of light, magic friends in this precious life [...] *

    Cederic Delaveau, France Yoga teacher, Ceremonies guide, Healer
  • The DI moved me in other dimensions of life, changed some behaviors, beliefs, looking about the world and about myself. It leads me to break down the illusion and find out truly who I am at this time. I’ve learnt to take responsibility, to be and express what I am. [...]

    Marie-Charlotte Lepidi, France
  • I discovered that most of my life I was living an illusion, and now I am waking up to real life. I realized it is my responsibility to re-educate myself, and the DI gave me the tools to practice that and BE within each moment. It was a big cleaning and I am much LIGHTER! [...]

    Ren Mahlev, Israel/Portugal Workshop Promoter, Healer
  • The DI makes us discover new waves of energy which we then experience every day in practice, and which bring changes in our own energy field and energy structure. This is an invaluable richness, to open the door to friends who are on the same path [...]

    Renee Ganger, Belgium/Israel Reflexologist
  • One of the beautiful things that happened as a result of this initiation process is that I am doing things I would never dare to, or even consider as possible. New portals of abundance and inner joy opened. I woke up to see life in a much lucid way! [...]

    Almog Katz, Israel Healer

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