The Essential Processes for Freedom

As it is important to increas your level of awarness, rise your vibration, being peacful in the TRUTH,
it is important to maintain this state,
to stabilze yourself in this elevated form of presence, your level of purity is important, its effect your life force, your vialtlity, same as your stillness.

Releasing attachments

Learn to pick up on and release external entities that are in a person’s aura,
and constrain and distort his development and suck his vital energy.
This is a highly significant cleanse that is performed in a very sage and elegant manner.

Cord cutting

When you experience emotional, mental or spiritual charge in a relationship,
you most likely have an energetic core that accumulates your life force and vitality.
In this class you will learn to cut, demolish and dissipate cords and by that remove unconscious barriers
that prevent you from advancing naturally in the flow of your life.

Releasing vows

Vows are sacred words which we have communicated to the All-Knowing Consciousness and to our most inner core. They often consist of agreements to do or not to do certain things; some we have created consciously, and some – unconsciously. These promises remain, beyond time and space, until this day. Releasing Vows is a highly recommended ritual, to make sure you are not standing in your own way in your own evolution.

Energy Food

Each type of food has a spirit, and  it is what really nourishes us supports our physical and spiritual growth. Learn to enhance the spirit of your food to match your energy level!

Nectar Detox

Nectar detox retreat is calling you to remove from your life and body all that is un-healthy, old and stuck. Nectar detox retreat is calling you to nurture yourself with the most fresh, vivid and potent energy available to you.
Using the best up-to-date methods of healing and cleansing, the Nectar Team can guide you towards miraculous changes in the entire structure of your life, revitalizing and rejuvenating the body and soul at all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


Multi Level Healing
Integrating every aspect of the human being is the only way to clean and heal ourselves, as well as elevate and transform various areas in our lives, such as opening […]

Additional related teaching

  • Advance clearing – empowerment of life force through profound clearing.
  • Thought form removal – clearing thinking structures that influence and create behavioral patterns.
  • Releasing residues – various type of energetic memories and scars coming from as air pollution, nicotine effects, chemotherapy, belief system, patterns, addictions and more
  • Spong & comb – hands gesture to support releasing and clearing energetic charge form the aura

and more…

In all healing classes:
Practicpants are being initiated to the technique,
as well as expiriencing and practicing
giving and reciving healing.

  • My deepest feeling about the experience is gratitude and joy, one of the experiences I will repeat again for sure I also learned a lot about feeding myself, and now I have many good new habits in my diet and in my daily life. […]

    Prasuna Coppini, Spain co-owner at La Paloma restaurant
  • The combination of the two personalities of Yuval and Homaya brought "on the table" a different way of purifying for me: a roller coaster between the emanation of certain energies from the Curanderos lineage and a precise point of view from the Tantric tradition […]

    Nadeshwari Joythimayananda, Italy Dance healing teacher
  • It’s a profound cleansing, individualized for each sensibility, with close guidance and support… Yuval and Homaya created an EASY path to renew my being.


    Peppino Bellusci, Italy Doctor, healer and musician
  • Homaya and the team were so nurturing and supportive. By the end of the week I felt lighter and purified as if I was born again. I was also liberated and able to make plans for the future. I would recommend it to everyone […]

    Ronke Boyle, England Lawyer and health advocate
  • The Teachings and the processes helped me get deeper insights about myself, about others, being more sensitive and also getting in touch with bliss. A feeling of freshness and rejuvenation, of being nurtured with alive food, awakening inner wisdom and glowing from inside out.

    Maria Júdice, Portugal Translator and healer
  • I have to say that there is a" before" and an "after"! I used to have some issues with weight and food. And even with having worked a lot on it, Nectar was my first opportunity to really deal with the issue: I felt after the week like another man, energetically! […]

    Sébastien Tubau, Switzerland Psychologist, Healer, owner of Espace Renaissance
  • For me, the most wonderful experience was to be with Homaya and Yuval. Homaya was teaching about life and health, and Yuval was supporting us to experience the processes on a physical level with the most awesome Yoga classes I have ever had […]

    Habet Dahab Ogbamichael-Kupfer, Germany Teacher, trainer and healer
  • Everyone felt amazingly clean, light and refreshed after the detox and took home the tools they needed to start a new chapter in their lives on all levels, not just physically. Nectar Detox is for those that would like to give themselves a gift of life. A transformational week you will never forget! […]

    Santiago Reverter & Nicola Cantley, England Authentic roots, Homeopathy and Holistic nutrition
  • I had never participated in a cleansing workshop before, and I’ve been nicely surprised: I’ve learnt a lot, met beautiful people and efficient teachers, for a deep personal work. This week allowed me to get my goals clearer and centered, to root myself better and be more aware of my mental mechanisms […]

    Olivier Bareaud, France Professional Tattoo artist and skater, Healer
  • It was a very beautiful experience to have a liquid diet so colorful and so powerful! Moreover, it was great to combine specific yoga postures and clean the mind. Thank you both for your support and for helping me to improve myself and be better inside and outside […]

    Carole Mondon, France Thermal Balance Eco Renovation - Project management support
  • This detox is a good timing for seeing your shadows, loving them, embracing them and saying "bye bye" to them. Being with Homaya and Yuval is in itself already an experience of LOVE and purification[…]

    Vanda Pereira, Portugal Artist of Canvas & Life
  • Today, thanks to Nectar Detox, I feel healthier, more connected and have an increased capacity to bring myself back to a state of balance when things get a little crazy around me! Nectar Detox opened up a whole new dimension of possibilities in my life! […]

    Emma Richardson, Switzerland Talent Management & Organizational Design Manager Europe, Healer
  • I arrived to the cleanse suffering from a long crisis of ulcerative colitis (a chronic disease of the colon), and left without it! Wonderful teachers and healers, wise and loving, cleaning toxins from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. […]

    Noa Peled, Israel Musician & Singer
  • It was powerful, loving, shining safe space, when all my bodies were in process of cleaning and empowering. I learned a lot about cleansing and still use this now in my life. […]

    Tatiana Lagransky Blous, Israel Holistic doctor, healer and artist.

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