Connect with your life’s true meaning

True passion, joy and vitality that are not dependent on external triggers,
are a natural outcome of being connected to your Soul.
Your Soul is what makes you feel alive, and gives your life a meaning.
Soul is the ever-glowing spark of divinity that resides within you.

Life purpose, The Soul Inner Code

Learn to be your original blueprint and to activate your real potential.

If you find yourself asking often about fulfilling your life’s purpose, living your soul’s contract, this workshop will support you combining deep inner work and initiation to ancient shamanic healing work to be in alignment with your soul contract, to the pure crystal essence of the one you are.

This technique activates the matrices which were chosen by our soul before we were born, with the purpose of connecting and coordinating five aspects in our lives:
The soul contract, the Karmic conditioning, fateful choices, integration of experiences and optimization of energy.

Activating the matrix allows:

  • Flowing easily through life
  • Opening up to new possibilities 
  • moving through Karma 
  • Letting go of illusions 
  • & Intensifying the life force!
  • Realize your own potential and make it a reality.

Soul pulling

Whenever we experience the death of a loved one, a break-up of a relationship, or any change that we don’t want to happen, we often leave behind pieces of our soul. When pieces are missing, our energy level is less than optimal. As parts of us are still connected to past situations, we may forget the fullness of who we are.

This technique involves a specific energy configuration that summons back to you the wandering parts of your soul from anywhere in the universe. Remember who you are and become whole once again in this super-charged with energy workshop.


Don’t Lose Yourself to God
What are you longing for? When you seem to be longing for Divinity, for grace, for God – you are still separating yourself from what you want to be so near […]

Zenith Quest

Do you feel your life pass in a struggle between the material realm and your spiritual expression…?
Asking your self to which laws to surrender…?

In ancient languages the word “Zenith” means “the beauty of the path”, it is referring to a direct path above ones head, as a direct ray of light connecting to and from Heaven, at any place and any time.

Keeping the Zenith awaken in your field of awareness makes the dance between the realm of matter and your heavens vivid and flowing, and your connection to those 2 worlds brings to you a greater level of contentment.

Archeology of the soul

What nourishes your soul? In this class we investigate and tap into the source of our Soul, which allows us to navigate through life, with comfort and ease.


Surrender to your Soul
Many people ask me: “how can I live according to my soul contract?” Surrendering to your soul contract requires one very simple[…]

What is your Soul Contract?
A short description of a soul contract and a proposition for you to get more familiar and aligned […]

The Soul Rises
What make the difference between one person to the other is his figure print and his soul print. A pure, gentle and refined quality […]

Living According to your Soul Purpose
There are so many people running in the labyrinth of life, perceiving themselves as an object of reality, that “this is it” […]


Drinking from the Fountain - Soul Journey

Drinking from the Fountain CD

Active Soul - Energetic transmission (free!)

Active Soul

Being Aligned with your Soul (Free!)

Being aligned with your soul

People share about Soul Inner Code Seminar

  • The "Soul Inner Code" was washing away and clearing thought forms that were shaping my dreams and desires. After this “wash”, I managed to hear an inner calling of my Heart, what it is really longing for.[...]

    Simone Actress
  • I do not know if there is the possibility that words can express my gratitude... I feel as if I have touched gold... it's dazzling light is still in my eyes... and what is more valuable it is that I know that light is mine. [...]

    Giovanna Gillerio, Italy

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