One way, more simple than you could imagine, to be at peace.

Yes, for sure,
Sometimes you need courage,
If you see a limitation,
A boundary within you that you should cross,
Then go ahead and bring on the fire.

Then there will be other times,
Other situations,
Where the white flame
Will be the best fire for you.
Instead of invoking your courage,
You will expand your peace.
Allow it to slowly conquer new territories
In the inner landscape of your being.

Peace instead of courage.

Let courage lead you to peace,
Be courageous enough to let go of the self image you have adopted,
What you think and believe about yourself.

Especially invest in the places
Where the queen thought is:
“I am not good enough.”

Walk away from this thought,
In whatever situation that it rises,
Before, after, or in the midst of it.
It is an indication that you are disconnected
From yourself, from reality,
From actuality.
Preferring your imagination
Instead of the truth.

You are what you see,
You are what you experience,
You are all that there is.

Could it be that there is something
Showing up in your life,
That is not made of you?

Breathe into this place where you are at peace with yourself,
Accept who you are,
No need to think anything about it,

The deeper,
The better.

This is the only way to be at peace.

No need to climb a mountain,
Or close yourself in a monastery.
Let go of the need to define who you are
Through the reflection of your life experiences,

Tune to self acceptance.


I love you,
I hope it helps you to clear your heart,
And see your beauty.
Because you are indeed,
extremely beautiful.

Share with me your thoughts and feelings, I would love to connect.


P.S- I find it funny that our upcoming #livelight session will be on the day of Carnaval,
since we will chat about removing more of the illusionary masks…

If you’re into joining, put a note in your calendar
We have changed the usual time:
Tuesday the 25th February 16:00 GMT.
I will go live for 20 minutes only 😉 on my Facebook page.
Let me know if you’re joining.

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  • Elisabetta Del Signore

    every day i can die to myself to be reborn as I…. hoping one day to stop with all this tears…

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