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OWN YOUR LIGHT [Text] - Homaya.org



A radical practice that can support you in fulfilling your life purpose

Hey love,

Thank you so much for giving me the time,
and space,
that I needed for my birthday.
(It took me nearly a week to welcome and digest all the
blessings and wishes I’ve received this year!)

Usually I show up on my birthday
to review the year I had, together with you,
however this year I felt
I just needed to rest,
and be within.

I also felt that we were
on a such a good communicative wave,
going through the healer journey
that I didn’t want to interrupt it.

since so many “I AM A HEALER” declarations
landed in my inbox
right next to others who wrote
“don’t ask me to say it,”
“I am not able to see myself as a healer,”
I want us to dive even deeper!

Why do so many Light workers resist and deny their healing ability and avoid offering healing professionally?

Well, although most of healing training are very luminous
being a healer is not that glamorous of a profession,
we must admit.

I am going to skip speaking about your
traumatised past lives as a witch,
and your atlantic princess life,
I am also going to skip speaking about the vows you took
and although it is an interesting aspect to review,
we will also skip your tendency to please others
(your boss, your family, your friends)
which keeps you from claiming your power
and showing up as the luminous light worker you are.

It is only after you own your sensitivity gifts,
that the question of serving light comes,
In order to own your gift
you also need to own your ‘story’.

Owning your story, is owning your shadow side,
and for someone who is just starting to do light work,
this is not a fun and comfortable part.

It means that you need to take clear responsibility
about the way you contributed to your life story
to be the way it is and was.

Own your story, Own your shadow, Own your light

Clear responsibility,
full responsibility,
might take a lifetime to obtain.
(this is why we will start today, if you still didn’t started)

Avoiding taking responsibility on your shadow side
will show up as avoiding taking responsibility
on your part in the healing process of your clients,
This avoidance manifests as showing up in your clinic “half way”
or even avoiding taking clients at all.

Another option can be
once clients starts streaming your way
you might take too much responsibility for their healing process,
which can finally show up as rejecting your ability to heal.

No one wants to speak about these kinds of situations:
but clients who come to heal cancer, might die,
clients that have colitis can stay in the loop,
your single client can stay single,
and that one that comes for opening to abundance
might stay stuck.

Social media is full of success stories
but nothing is certain,
and no real healer can offer Healing guarantee
No one can replace God, Karma,
and a person’s transformational rhythm.

Does it echo in you?
Can you feel that?

The fear of not delivering,
can be terrifying for a young healer,
terrifying enough to keep you from wanting to heal
in the first place.

own your light

Let me offer you a practice that might support you
in taking more responsibility for your life story:

Start by going as deep as you can within yourself,
to the thing you love the most,
the thing that matters the most,
the thing that really gets you all on fire.
one thing.

Than, tell yourself your life story
from a place that blames NO ONE
Yes! No one!
No one else and not yourself.

Tell it as if it is your conspiracy
in order to achieve the thing you love the most.

Have the wider vision you can about your life,
look without taking a stand,
beyond good or bad, right or wrong.

It is a radical practice,
make sure you are in a sacred space,
your mind is clear
and you are ready for a stretch.

Be light!
You might have fun.

The gifts of this practice?

You will feel free,
free to shine,
you will get a big upgrade in healing your victim
and you will definitely feel more ready to be out there
and supporting others in their healing and transformation!


If you feel the need to share
you can email me,
or comment below this post
(your comment gives the strength to others to do so!)

Any case,
we will meet Tuesday the 25th August 15:00 GMT
(add to your calendar)
Type your question below the post
and see you there.

Loving you,
Because indeed – you are bright!


P.S- If you are asking yourself, how come I am writing so much about the healer journey,
it is because I feel the need to stretch the content of the GreenHouse not only to mastery, but to spiritual leadership.
So if you are into taking your gift and evolving to spiritual leadership
get on the GreenHouse waiting list,
we might open the entrance door for a short moment, for you to enter.


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    click here for more info https://1xslots.africa

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    LaChere Denton

    There’s no link to access your Tuesday, August 25th meeting in the email nor on this site so how does one join the meeting?

    • Avatar

      Hello dear, The live light sessions are happening online on my Facebook page.
      I hope this link will work for you
      if not- simply search it on Facebook.
      It would be a pleasure to have your presence with us.

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