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SEE THROUGH YOUR FEARS [Video] - Homaya.org




There is this well-known acronym that comes from the coaching realm,
which indicate FEAR as False Evidence Appearing Real.
The spiritual version of it says False Energies Appearing Real.

What do we mean with False energies?

Fear is Part of the human experience, its part of our survival mode mechanism. In its healthy expression, it’s a vital force designed to open our sensors and extend the captivation of vibrations through the senses.

When blending with your mental perception abilities, it is translated to data.
Influenced by dense past energies that are still vivid in you-
It transformed into an emotion.

Your sensors perceive vibrations > Your mind translate > Energy moves > Your emotions raise.

As an Emotion, the energetic wave is very tangible,
and most of the time it is convincing enough for you to find yourself calling your perception “reality,”
Following with additional decisions and action steps you enforce this reality to have a life of its own.

Looking deeper into it-
I find that the energetic anatomy of fear is based on limitation.
And this is where the healing can start; this is where you can transform it and liberate yourself from it.

[ SEE THROUGH YOUR FEARS.  Video Length:07.06 Min ]

An arbitrary option from the unlimited (future) possibilities,
Appears in a very captivating logic,
A trail of moves-
Is chosen.

In that act of choosing, there is a calibration of your entire system,
by that, it takes your attention away from your vast possibilities that are constantly creating themselves.

As long as you keep on focusing your entire attention on that only option, it will keep on rolling you. As long as you will concentrate on the buzzing of the bee, you will lose the opportunity to smell the flowers and to enjoy the honey.

Overcoming fear means opening yourself again the entire spectrum of life.

You don’t want to eliminate fear, or erase it,
you want to roll over it.
It can’t limit or narrow your field of vision,
you must see through it.

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    Dear Homaya
    I like the way you see the existing and the creating forces in this universe and the fact that you leave yourself and us some responsibility todo it better all the time. (I deeply belief that better is the best friend of the best.)
    Just like you said and sometimes it seems even maybe even more thanthat.
    It is not only as long as you will concentrate on the buzzing of the bee, you will lose the opportunity to smell the flowers and to enjoy the honey. But also as long as we concentrate and hold on to “the smell of the flowers” or to sweetness or the pleassure of the honey”, we even miss the opportunity to become aware and open up for an abundance without limmits of possibilitys, realitys and existences

    thank you verry much for all the goodness you share with us

    • Avatar

      Dear Daniel,
      It is a pleasure and a joy to read your comment and experience your perception,
      I echo completely- wholeness and vastness become alive
      when the need to define benefits, for and against,
      I bless you
      Bless your wisdom and bright light.

  • Avatar
    Ana Paula Martins

    _/\_ Thank You Homaya for this precious message. Thank You.

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