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Ren Mahlev

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Ren Mahlev is an Energetic Healer, Spiritual Teacher and an Artist. Ren was initiated with few healers and teachers from around the globe, the most significant initiations were passed to her through her Master Homaya Amar, to the sacred teachings of the Curanderos lineage (an ancient tribe of Shamanic healers). Ren was born in Israel and right now is living in Portugal. She is leading workshops, giving private healing sessions, organizing international seminars, and it is all dedicated for living an Aware, Fulfilled and Joyful Life.

Ren: “I have been working with  Homaya for the past 6 to 7 years already.
What touches me in Homaya & with the work I do with her, is that she is a living example for many important things, such as “Walking her Talk”; living all the teachings she shares with us, which is really inspiring and motivating!
Another important thing is that she shifts the perception we have about something, and shows a whole new spectrum of possibilities to you, she knows when to be loving when is needed, and when to be sharp, according to what supports your healthy growth.

I do this service through a deep connection to the Sacred teachings of the Curanderos Lineage. Actually, it was the bridge point that connected me to Homaya, that throughout our encounter during all those years, I have discovered so many connections, that I have to this special soul 🙂
I do this service of organizing Homaya´s seminars, first of all because I see the total transformation that has happened in my life through that teachings! I truly believe and appreciate the teachings and the quality she brings, and I have great pleasure to support other people transforming their lives as well, through the guidance of a professional master. “When one grows, we all grow”.


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