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Every one of us is a full and exciting gift of God.

This vessel which we inhabit, the sound of our voice, the structure of our body, is our kingdom.

It is also one of the instruments through which the music of the world is created – perfect harmony. Every one of us was created here in his/her own uniqueness in order to bring this music to life and to allow it to live as a complete whole in the totality of existence.

In every interaction or challenge we are called upon to sweeten our own existence. To dust off all that is sour and bitter and unnecessary – which acts as a blindfold separating us from the original light source – to the point of complete surrender to the original starting point of origin.

When the journey of reconnecting takes place we cannot control the light, draw it towards us or bring it closer. In the same way we cannot transform another person or external situation but only work on our own instrument – the internal work of cleaning, purifying and letting go while at the same time expanding, deepening and growing.

Expansion of the consciousness is an inseparable part of this journey. Many times we will use the aid of a doctrine, teacher or technique which we choose to learn and practice and functions as a sort of toolbox, containing tools which are meant to support us, lend us a hand and provide the space while we are working on cultivating the powers of our instrument and progressing in our journey to reconnect. We must not delude ourselves into mistaking them (the doctrine, teacher or technique) as the thing itself – the original light source. Nonetheless, they are a miraculous mirror reflecting our process of ascension and evolution.

A healthy expansion of the consciousness is made possible through a rhythm which stems out of a clear listening to the possibilities that exist in our nervous system – the same system that receives, gathers and distributes information and light in our body. The collection and reception of knowledge during our journey can be said to act like a relay station on the user interface between our ability to receive and translate what we are receiving and the lights, colors and shapes which are transmitted to us as a three dimensional reality, as a sort of constant, momentary and day to day process of data processing.

Every one of us, in his/her unique way, has a different starting point and a different quality of relay station. The more we clean and purify our instrument, allowing its crystal quality to be more pristine and authentic, the more our relay station’s capability of processing data in a manner which is closer to the actual reality and transferring it onwards to the development of our personal and collective consciousness – rises.

The expansion of consciousness may bring along with it further complications which lie in the development and gathering of opinions. The opinion serves as an anchor for a heavier mental energy, which works as a limiting and navigating force for informational acceleration on all levels. In our inner dialogue it can serve at times as an advocate of truth, justice and righteousness.

Our opinion, like our principals are a result of our point of view which is always very personal, even if it seems we are dealing with tangible and mundane matters. Objectivity is non-existent and in fact is an illusion, and so are are truth and justice. Much like many things in life, opinion and truth have the tendency to change, fade away and transform according to the direction from which the light comes and the shadow is seen.

We can conclude from this that there in no righteousness and no justice. There are simply different stances and points of view. Even back in the primordial story of the Garden of Eden we have been told that with knowledge comes the possibility of getting easily confused while naively asserting that we are capable of distinguishing between good and bad.

It is important that during our journey to reconnect we remember that our opinions and principals function as pit-stops on the way which allow us to linger for a while and asses, process and integrate what we are stumbling upon on our path, and we must be aware of their light and attentive to the extent of which these opinions and principals prevent us from moving forward and reconnecting.


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