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Have you ever noticed there is almost no one around you that has never experienced heart breaking? And the immense pain that follows it, almost as if you do not know who you are anymore?

Could it be part of our training on this planet? Related directly to our inner evolution?
For some, it happened at the end of a short connection, for others, at the peak of a strong and loving relationship or during a separation from a close dear one. It can happen as part of the reflection represented by your mother, father, child or other family members, with your lover and beloved ones and even due to failures in project development, work challenges or other kinds of letdown experiences.

These “heart breaking” situations have a purpose. Yes, clearly, part of it is about burning karma and disillusion; another part is meant to open the heart – let it blossom with pleasure like a flower and fly light and smooth on the streams of consciousness, releasing opinions, expectations and limitations that serve no more.

Is there any way to avoid a broken heart? It seems to me that those who haven’t experienced it by now will experience it sooner or later – unless, of course, they will be increasing the vibration of their heart and its capacity to love into higher and higher levels and finally into Love for All.

Increasing the capacity of our heart into a wide and deep heart gives us the ability to assimilate the situations we come across and be easily absorbed in our reality; be present and in the heart, the center, while dealing with any life circumstances and being one and in tune with them. In other words, when the heart is healthily open, one only needs to go through a short process or no process at all in order to be able to live in peace and harmony with his or her reality – life and love are entered and shared in the heart as the waves of an ocean in the flow of existence. There is space for all.

In our history (his-story = the story we told ourselves), it was Jesus Christ who represented best this notion of love beyond all limitation. Jesus presented a wide and deep heart, he was connected to the generosity of love that created this universe, and he came to us as a model that plants the seeds and vibrations of Unconditional Love in the human body. Jesus was known as a great healer who can transform dis-ease into health. Spiritual teachings describe Jesus’ deeds as “Realing” rather than Healing – the ability to see/feel all beyond the illusion of separation, as perfect and complete as it is. Therefore, he was creating a new reality of whole in his presence, the presence appears as Love to All.

Most of us humans are still processing, so we (as one) will be able to move forward to this level. Most of us see and feel love as a separate thing that happens between the self and something outside of it, like a couple – one person loving the other. In cases like that, the “other” can give you all you need to cover the rooms of your heart, your temple, with walls of guilt, shame, fear, competition, sorrow etc., or to bloom and flourish like a rose.

In the true Source of Love there is no separation, it is higher than the illusion of the “other”, it is a reflection of your inner self love, love to the Source. Until we are able to feel love in this basic sense, the key to this awakening will be in the heart of someone else, appearing in your reality as something or someone outside of you, as the one you love or the project you are working on.
Unconditional love is loving all as it is. Simple, not easy. It is as a gate for us to become more as God In the evolution of ourselves, humanity and the world evolution the era of Pisces is arriving at its termination and we are entering the era of Aquarius. Jesus, who was the avatar of the Pisces era, shared with each and every one of us his grace and teachings by being the SUN of God in a human body. Now, in the Aquarius era, we will be also asked to move forward into the practice of being, vibrating fully in the fifth dimension, Unconditional Love, loving without limitation, beyond walls and separation.

Up to now, Unconditional Love has first been a space related to angels, later on it was Jesus and Maria. now it is for us Humans.

Published in “Flor de Lotus” magazine, Portugal


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