Open up to new dimensions of living!

Workshops are a Sacred Space inviting into play elevated vibrations of consciousness.
My workshops are tailor made, designed especially to meet your needs,
giving you the space, guidance and support you need to go deeper in knowing yourself,
increase your vitality and open up to the essentials of how to be you.
Ancient wisdom with contemporary fields of knowledge come together, laws of the universe are revealed,
ease, relief, joy and heart opening arise.
life unfolds itself for you.

Here are my 3 main spiritual and healing workshops:

Divine Intervention

A three week long class of intensive and profound training on the path of Self-Mastery…
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Light Language

Light Language is composed of Sacred Geometries and colors. It is the language in which every manifested experience is written …
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DNA Healing

We rewrite and adjust the data coded in the core of our cells every moment with our thoughts, speech and behavior. Once we know the meaning of the codes…
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Here is the complete workshop guide:

Upcoming Events

Here you can see few of the planed spiritual & healing workshops and activities,
Check the Event page to see the complete agenda
and get the details of the in person and online event,
for you to join.
Would love to see you!

At the Core of Manifestation

September 25, Online Webinar

Manifestation keys for sensitive people who are able to foresee.

Reality Speaks – Sacred Geometry

October 11, Online Free Webinar

Embrace the wisdom the universe is made of!

Windows to the Universe

October 22-27, Sintra, Portugal

Calibrates your entire being into a greater presence and brighter awareness.

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