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The natural healing process indicates that after the tears --  comes spring,

After going through your winter -- you will bloom,
After your process -- light comes,
After the breakdown -- there is a breakthrough,
After really healing it all, to the depth-
you will shine.

And it’s true.
Yet the shape it will take in your reality,
depends on you.
You must get that clear.
The length, the depth, how hard, natural or clear it is-
it’s all about you.

If you want to shift something in you,
the first thing you want to look at is
How do you relate to your healing process !?!
How simple and clear you shift?
how dreamless can you be?
how much you are available to renew you own self.

Inviting and welcoming new life force into your life
is the key for any healing process,
it allows the shift of consciousness which leads
to the shift in your life.

I’m completely aware that there are cases
that you’ll need some energy to get energy.
There are situations that you feel so down and weak
that it feels you do not have the minimum strength to be able
to integrate some light and positivity.

Unless you’re able to declare EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT
as a new opportunity, a new possibility, ANEW.

Within you, choose connecting to new life force to be the beginning
of your healing journey,
which means to  connect to a state of Health.

You are living in infinite possibilities,

there is ALWAYS something fresh and new in your energy filed,
in your environment, in your cells, in your emotions, in your life.

You are living a constant renewing life force.
And this is what you want to tap into --
Define where it is NOW in your life,
for sure there is someone to call, there is something to tolerate,
there is an unopened gift- where is it ?

Let’s chat deeper
these are the topics for this week :

#HealingIsBeing       #ResolveComplexities       #IAmMiracleMaker

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  • Avatar

    So good to know you feel nourished and supported.
    As you will nourish more and more your soul;
    your entire life will adjust to it, to the vivid spirit in you<
    and I do believe that as an effect of it, your life occupation could change, or at list the way you relate to it,
    And it's influence on you.
    There is a lot of content about the soul journey, on the website
    Search the BE ONE WITH YOUR SOUL category.
    +yes- I echo the connection between being tired and the illusion of separation!
    Powerful that you could touch it yourself!

  • Avatar

    Thank you dearest Teacher Homaya.Yes, it is Spring inside and I feel conected with the blooming and the force of the source. I AM grateful for the lovely mirror you are. Love you.

    • Avatar

      Thank you, beloved Teresa.
      Eternal spring for you!

  • Avatar
    Michael Fidelman

    hi love. i am willing to conect to new life force. viva.
    and i am willing to move from the usual ground ow a worrying mind that thinks there is only one way or one option.
    “blockhead” (:

    if you have anything to add i am open.


    • Avatar

      Hello beloved,
      I add a hug! and a smile!
      Being open, as you wrote it here, this is what it is about.
      can you ask yourself:
      How is it for me to be open,
      more open (If you wish to look at it like that)
      How would that feel?
      What could be my actions? or non-actions?
      My expressions?

      Go there.
      You are welcome to share your insights
      Would love to feel how it feels for you.

      Love you!

      • Avatar

        it feel like there is more light that what i gad imagined.
        more options, more humor and joy. its very opening.
        thank you

        • Avatar


          See if you can feel the actions that wish to sprout from here.

  • Avatar

    Dear Homaya,
    thank you, you are able to arrive at me always in the perfect moment, with the perfect words…

    • Avatar

      Sweet Elisabetta,
      This is wonderful, you’re in tune, within you, this is why it appears like that!

      Would love to hear what touched you in this teaching.
      Love, and wishing you a wonderful weekend!

      • Avatar

        Beloved Homaya,
        sorry, but only now I read your answer.. doing the gardener, I’m shortly in front of the computer in the spring! 😉 You ask me what touched me in this teaching: the joy of spring, awakening, your smile, your openness and trust. Unfortunately I have a tendency to bitterness, and at this time of great transformation, where even with my father I made some wonderful strides, I’m in trouble with my partner. I do not want anymore to DO instead of other, now I see what I put my energy in his service, with love (or to receive a love that miss me so much, instead find it within me?), but too much. Because I sacrifice myself. And now I can not leave that there is an invasion of my space. Neither I want to take care of the space of others. The relationship is sharing, no logistical support to the work of one of the two. We must also receive, not only give. I’m trying to transform anger and my “reaction”, I broke down and I cried with him to explain, but (evidently because even I can not bring inside me that anger and reaction and dissolve with love and gentleness) his reactions to me was terrible. It is clear that he is not the problem, but the sadness is so much for this. And now I also feel that participate in the spring is FEEL all this happiness, explosion, speed, BE in that joy…. but the deep desire is DECELERATE just to STAY in so much wonder. I feel a little waiting something that makes me again to want to use my energy to create something powerful in this material world. But the thrust is toward a spiritual path. I have already done so much…. With love, Happy Easter! 🙂

        • Avatar

          “…. use my energy to create something powerful in this material world”
          release the word powerful….
          let it be as it wish without projecting its essence.
          let it surprise you!
          let it teach you about you.


          • Avatar

            Wow….arrived!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!! Incredible….

  • Avatar

    Dear Homaya

    Thank you so much for this refreshing words. They lifted up my day by acknowledging and realising the slow motion rhythms of spring. The renewal is happening even when the mind can’t perceive it. I wonder how can the heart perceive it?

    With love and grace

    • Homaya

      Dear Patricia,
      Isn’t it wonderful that life is happening, by passing the mind!
      So many things are happening although we didn’t plan them 😉

      I wonder what do you relate to when you write – “the heart”…?
      Because the heart, at the core, is always by that “spring”
      time and space.

      If we relate to the emotional aspects (…?)
      Here we need to increasing awareness,
      It should become your nature (and it is your nature) to turn everything into light, to see the light in everything.
      To unite your action, thoughts, emotions and choices with the current, free of charge feasibility.

      Please let me know if this is clear for you.

      LOVE !

      • Avatar

        Dear Homaya

        I’ve just read this today. Being in front of the computer brings me headaches and I try to avoid it after work. I wonder when I’ll change work 😊???

        I got your message. It’s related to emotions indeed. Also, the big tiredness I feel is increasing the illusion of separation. I’ve just realised that yesterday.
        Thank you for your words… they are truly a blessing and a balm to the soul.

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