By: Homaya Amar & Yuval Rivlin

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Integrating every aspect of the human being is the only way to clean and heal ourselves, as well as elevate and transform various areas in our lives, such as opening up to intimate relationships, expanding to higher levels of spirituality, shifting behavioral patterns, switching our line of work and creativity and so on…
To create a long lasting profound shift we must relate to all our human aspects: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and even material.
For the best evidence, just consider these elementary facts:
our environment (material) affects
our food and sleep (physical) which affect
our sensations, feelings and thoughts (emotional and mental) which in turn affect
our subtle perception (spirituality).

But actually, if we replace the words ‘food’ and ‘sleep’ with ‘nutrition’ and ‘peace’ – while acknowledging that we are also nourished from our intimate relationships, family connections, walks in nature, the books and newspapers we read etc. – then we realize that this is not a linear path of effects starting with the material and ending on the spiritual. The relations between our human aspects are so much more elaborate and complex.

All aspects or “bodies” are connected to one another; it is just a matter of developing our awareness that makes us see that.
Oneness and wholeness are not a suggestion, they are facts.

When one goes through a healing process, or a transforming process, it is most likely that he/she will face up and relate primarily to the areas where pain and challenge emerge.
For example:
If there is disease or discomfort in the body, then the “solution” would be in the line of remedies, physiotherapy, yoga, detox or a new diet. When the imbalance is emotional or mental, one might need to get some counseling or education, write a daily journal or confide in a friend…

The natural and obvious actions will most likely bring results. Nevertheless, when you choose to integrate your perceptions with awareness, to give an unusual “answer” and relate to your healing and transformation process in a non-linear way, greater and faster results might appear on an even more profound level.

The best way to support these transformative processes would be to choose activities corresponding to each of the levels: material, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, on this specific topic or limitation.
There is no need for each of these activities to be in an equal amount of time and dedication; choose appropriate proportions and be attentive to your healing process, looking for greater comprehension of the effect of each of your choices.

For example:
If you would like to break through some unhealthy patterns of time management, don’t stop at signing up for some classes and reading books; make your own new lovely calendar – invest time in your time and get to know it on other dimensions.
Break apart and then reassemble an old clock – detach from the illusion of time.
Go on detox – the digestive system is the one responsible for the accumulation of energy and information.
And so on…
If you have difficulties with intimate relationships, add daily journal writing to your awareness process – get intimate with yourself and practice expression.
Dedicate a few hours a week to support aging people – experience “no reason” and “non profitable” human relationships with pure giving.
Practice yoga – balance yin and yang energies, stretch and open the energetic channels of the body, improve your flexibility and more.

Don’t hesitate to get creative and improvise.

There is a saying that goes “time can heal” – yet what actually heals is the flow.
Life is healing, life is transformation, discomfort and disease appear when there is no flow of energy or when the energy runs at the same place.
Once you let the energies flow, even to places your mind cannot conceive as sensible, you allow an opening to happen, you allow a shift.

Try it out.
It is surprising and fun!


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Homaya Amar

By Homaya Amar

While generating a powerful sacred space, Homaya Amar inspire to a profound authenticity and opens to the light and grace within. Leading worldwide seminars where ancient shamanic wisdom and fresh, lucid revelations dance as ONE, where miraculous healing and evolution of consciousness simply emerge.

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