Whenever you’re in a crossroad,
and in a need to take a decision --
stay close to yourself.
When things get complex, and need to be resolved --
stay as near as possible.
Sometimes, these types of situations
increase the stress bar,
And many voices appear,
you become more fragile, easy to be effected.
But, Hey, please don’t loss yourself in it!
Looking for solutions means declaring that
the current situation
is a problem,
which, truly, it is not.
The current situation is simply a phase in your own evolution!
Replace judging it as good or challenging,
and reacting to the friction it creates --
with being completely engaged
with the inner motion of your spirit.
Let your spirit lead you.


I’m still in the midst of #DivineIntervention
but still- you are invited to connect,
I’ll chat with you as soon as possible -- Once I’m back in the Grid-
#LivingFrictionFree    #ResolveComplexities     #NaturalCurrents

Feel free to share your insights, and bring your light.


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