Keeping the vibration high is an art,
even when you master this art,
you may still have some “down”s …
Part of the mastery is :
it won’t drag you down unless you let it!

Anchoring yourself in the highest state
means that you’re able to see that some motions in life
(People, work, weather etc…)
Might offer to take you downhill
-- inviting you to  apply your light wisdom in relation to it.


It means that the way that you face it
keeps it free of charge,
by that you lighten everything up.

Meet the Real [Video length: 12:26]
(if you are short in time skip to 07:30 min and watch the rest later)


I also want to share with you a few basic, “physical plane” steps
you’d like to apply to keep your vibration high.
Imagine you just finished an amazing retreat, had a good nourishing vacation
or you’re after a wonderful detox:


  1. Keep doing your practice, whatever you took on yourself:
    Your sun salutation, your green smoothies, your service to your teacher,

    Let it be a priority, and don’t wait for a “down” moment,
    start with it on day “one”.
    >>> service to your teacher, to your lineage, to the teaching is an AMAZING source of blessings.
  1. Do a “house check” and clear out anything that does not resonate with you now.
    It may be clothes, or pictures on the walls, or photos in the album

    (Yes, also the digital one!) >>> my “thumb rule” about clothes:
    If you didn’t wear it for a year or it is older than 5 years
    (sometimes I even narrow it to 2 years) --
    give it to someone that would like to walk the path you were on while using it.
  1. Lead a shift in what you are consuming. Change what you take in.  Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically.
    The books that you read, the conversation you have, the films you watch, the food you eat.
  1. Become clear about the internal shifts that you need to bring to life,
    bring more and more awareness to it-  write a journal,  meditate, pray, write grids,
    create an altar, become lovingly and peacefully active about it.
  1. back to the main thing- transform everything into Light by seeing it as light and as blessing. 
Now the platform is for you-
What do you do to keep your vibration high?
Is there any additional or specific piece of clarity that you need,
in order to rise higher and higher?
I’d love to hear form you.


Go #DirectWithHomaya in the conversation area below↓
I’ll be engaging and relating to all comments.


Love you,
You are golden!

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  • Avatar

    Beloved Homaya, my wonderful and beloved Teacher/Master
    I am very much near and in touch with you, even when I do not wright… But I have to say something responding to these teachings you wrote here. Supreme! !!!
    I began hearing the audio from DI and the magic happened: I was there, seeing and hearing and feeling you and all my tribe!!! What a privilege, what a blessing! It changed my life and I want to show my gratitude for the kindness you are always having with us, even when… you are in “nomads mode”. So grateful I am. Also needing to embrace you and the Tribe…
    Love you so!!! and what can I do, at the moment, for my Teachers???
    Big Hugs

    • Avatar

      Sweet Teresa,
      Such a wonderful sharing.
      Yes, the teachings are alive in your energy field, and therefore you are being taken into the “now” again while you listen to the recording.
      Each time you listen to it- the teaching goes deeper.
      I hug you with love, see you soon!

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