I often get guidance from my innermost love.

Love is a healing force. 

Before I could become a healer, I had to experience the force of being healed.

I used to be so uncomfortable with myself,
I was so complex, my hypersensitivity was a burden,
I could say I was not loving myself, which is truth,
The sad part is I did not know myself, I was not there, so in actuality, there was no one to love.

Yet, the love was there. Not just the essence – the organ, the muscle.
I wanted to love, and I loved, many things.

So when you doubt your abilities to heal and transform
from your low self-esteem, your self-sabotage, lack consciousness, or whatever seems to hold you back please remember this-
Love, truth, integrity, care- there is no one in the world who is born without those qualities.
These are your spirit guides!

Take that in,
They are your spirit guides.

Love made me heal myself. It was my initial tone.
I healed myself with the support of light workers.

I invested time, energy and money to heal myself. I kept on meeting a psychologist, healers of all kinds, teachers, shamans. you name it.
My job was to be open and let them do their job, not to hug my problems, or to protect my complexities.

I did not need a guru to put my problem at his feet.
In the presence of those healers, I literally, intentionally, vomited my ironic belief system and my ignorance.

I wiped the wall of my consciousness with my tears.

It was not comfortable to go through those experiences, the same way that it’s not comfortable to write about it now.
It gets comfortable later, when comfortability does not interest you anymore.

When comfortability does not interest you anymore is a sign that your life force is lite. Which most probably an outcome of your alignment with the natural healing forces.
While choosing to follow the spirit guides
named love, truth, integrity, and care,
listen to them and live according to them,
your strength becomes alive and within rich.
Continually Choosing love is a game for masters.


I feel that sharing with you the way I evolved into my mastery can be a boost of inspiration, (You might like to read the first chapter: facing the unknown)
To embody it even more- I leave you with contemplation questions:
Who are your spirit guides? Where are these healing forces and spirit guides leading you? What do you need to follow them with greater consistency? Share with me in the comments!


Homaya Amar

By Homaya Amar

While generating a powerful sacred space, Homaya Amar inspire to a profound authenticity and opens to the light and grace within. Leading worldwide seminars where ancient shamanic wisdom and fresh, lucid revelations dance as ONE, where miraculous healing and evolution of consciousness simply emerge.


  1. Dear Homaya,
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I went trough so many experiences during the last years, I had the chance to experience the Light and Love but also the black nights and deep pains. I have the feeling being sent to help and pushing others in the light, staying myself in the shadow. I’m nomore ok with this and i feel like I have to walk myself in the light. Life and nature are my spiritual guides, acceptance, letting go, everything is right and perfect. Ready for the next step.
    All my Love and thank you !!

    1. I am so happy to know and read that you wish to expose yourself as a lightworker, to walk in the light! as the light!
      The next step is here, identify it as you are feeling all that surrounds you.
      You know your path. You know the step. Take it!

      I bless you with light and grace, with all my heart!

  2. While I was reading you, I had the feeling I was reading about myself. What a mirror….! Thank you so much for the sharing. Thank you so much for the glorious feeling about love and care. I hug your soul.
    With deep gratitude for having you as an inspiring amazing being.

  3. Dedication, bliss, my master (wich is the master of all things, the movement of life that pouring from source to earth through the simplicity of the heart.
    All takes me to the core of my knowing.

    Maybe my joy asks for more consistency. There is sadness when I listen to it.

    Thank you. Love you.

    1. Beautifully expressed,
      + I love reading that your joy wish to be more consistent,
      I wonder what is the uplifting energy that you play with…
      Love you, beloved brother, hugs of light and great wishes!

  4. que inspiração Homaya.
    estou com todo o meu ser a transbordar de alegria.
    Grata por partilhares tudo isto.
    sabes que este é um tópico que Amo e com o qual me identifico completamente.
    hoje eu sei que o amor é o meu guia
    que eu sou amor
    e cada vez mais, passo a passo estou a curar-me com esta força gigante que é o amor.
    sinto que estou cada vez mais consciente desse amor transformador, estou mais atenta e consigo ver muito mais porque estou a ver com os olhos do coração.
    Amo-te por tudo e por ti Homaya Amar

  5. A boost of inspiration, of faith, of vision and integrity, no doubt!

    I remember I am a living altar. I make a fire in my heart and I offer this pain, this ignorance as a prayer so it turn into divine love, divine essence mirroring in my body and in my life without veils, without distortions…
    My spirit guides ‘embody’ a profound faith, a profound longing for caring, loving and supporting the alignment with the divine consciousness, a longing for the divine to bring light to earth through unthinkable healing creations. They are telling me: your past and your future are here now! Your loving power has been with you all the way! They carry me, I know they carry me and they protect me, not in the sense of defense but in the sense of prayer and their prayers are so astonishing Strong that sometimes I feel the touch of it physically within the suffering, when vulnerability is most noticed.

    And your presence, beloved Homaya, seems like the caring hand of a Spirit Guide. Love the Love in You and the Love in Me… and the Love in my Spirit Guides… and the Love in us ALL.

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