Half of the world is instructed to be still now that the first spring of a new decade is at the door

The most simple way, for the healer of the world, to have healthy boundaries and clear vision

My love,

I find that taking a step backwards
Even two or three steps,
Is one of the strongest tools you can apply
As a healer and a lightworker.

Like an artist that takes a step back
To look at his drawing
In order to feel better
What is the best colour to bring into the picture?
Where is a silent request for his touch?
And what is this touch be?

You want to create some space between you and a situation
So you can own it,
And be able to contribute to it
In the most positive way.

Creating a little distance
In your inner space and in time
Between you and a situation
Is especially precious as a first step to do
After your client just bombarded the healing space
With a doubtful vision (appearing like facts)
About what is going on in his life,
Or in times of global crisis,
Ecological, biological, climate or humanitarian,
Where fear and anxiety are spread free.

You need a moment to breath.

From that place you will grant
Yourself and all that is involved with:


You can spend a lot of energy and effort to create
Healthy boundaries and protections,
While taking a step back
And creating space, sacred space,
Allows you to have less identification
With the scenario,
Which means healthy boundaries
And immediately reduces the drama.

It also gives the people in your presence
The signal to do the same
And therefore to welcome
More peace and more ease.

Inviting higher light in.


As a healer and light worker,
You already know that you are not here to fix
Anything or anyone,
You do not want to focus on symptoms,
And reactions,
Rather, you want to recognize the motion
Of the natural current
And suggest for the entire system
The support needed
For it to be in a greater alignment.

So, whether it is a client on the massage table,
The amazon burning, or a virus spreading,
You rise above the noise,
With a greater perspective that gives you outstanding clarity
To be able to recognize the light
Even in the shocking details.


Open your antennas to recognize
The energetic context and texture,
On a micro and macro scale,
Of every phenomena you are facing.
What is the time of the year? Of the decade?
What is the season?
What is the time/ season in someone’s private life?

What happened before,
What is the most inhabitable natural movement
That is about to happen?
What are the shapes and colours that are presented?
The smells, the taste, the materials?
Look at the details
But not at the story.

For example-
If a shape of a virus is harmonious,
If the edges of its “arms” are not sharp rather rounded,
What can you learn from that?

If the first spring of a new decade
Is at the door
And half of the world is instructed to be still
In meditative retreat conditions,
What is the light here?

Apart from the risk and fear
What do you see? I definitely want to hear your vision,
Comment below the blog post
And come to be with me live, on Tuesday the 17th, 16:00 GMT
On my Facebook page.
I will expand and explain more of my vision about what is going on,
And how you stabilize yourself
In a bigger picture.

I love you,


P.S  – The strongest light codes, that prepare you for a day appear at dawn,
Same for the energetic potency of the first spring in a new decade.
We are at a powerful point of transition
On a global and personal level.

It might seems challenging,  but you do know by now,
It is an initiation, a cosmic rite of passage,
Were you will first be triggered to see how well you use your tools,
And later, how much greater you can be of service.
Remember – you are the medicine. You are the light.
Choose with what vibrations you resonate,
And give yourself the support you need to welcome the new light,
Even when it is indescribable.

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  • Zeno Preimesberger

    Backwards stepping feeling that way. I wanna stop it, to much alone time. I have that Feeling in time gonna mess things up again. I’m a slow learner,Being I was traumatized at a early age. I read the big picture text. Seen the 2018 boom festival lecture. Peace and love have to go back to work, 22 days left till I retire.

  • Patricia Canela

    I feel that darkness and light are holding hands in these crazy times of change. If you look at the context before the crisis arrives, we have climate change and pollution issues, announced political and economic crisis (USA x China and more), human gender crisis, unbridle consumption, etc, etc …
    How did this virus appear? No matter who or in what context it was released, it is serving a greater purpose of changing the frequency of our frenetic world. Now we have the invisible working together with what is perceived by human eyes, bringing some order to chaos and forcing the world to stop.
    As I read today:
    “The present experience of the abyss of nothingness is a jolt to redirect our inner compass, change our daily routines and reclaim our roots(…). Change is no longer an option; it is a necessity.”

  • Rita Taveira

    So much light and clarity!!!
    God bless you, dear Homaya!!!

  • Ren

    Thank you Homaya! that gives so much LIGHT

    • Homaya

      Bless you beloved, Thank you!

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