I am interested in the living god
not in the conceptual God.
I am interested in the awakened sensation of life and vitality
which is not necessarily 100% connected to health, or happiness,
or any guarantees of beautiful things.

Rather related to an extreme engagement,
direct engagement that we’re going through,
that we are experiencing,
That is happening through us.

I believe that there are uncountable numbers of doors and portals
and they are all transparent,
but still, they exist,
as the number of beings, as the number of cells.
And I feel that the direct experience is what can show you the truth,
and it cannot be obtained by someone who tells it to you,
by a certain belief system or even inspiration, as vast as it can be.

It can only be obtained when it is silently and sacredly known,
from within.

There are no degrees or any ways to measure this recognition.
I don’t feel there is any lineage that can lead there.
I don’t feel there are any rules or practices,
but at the same time -- any practice can do,
if this is how it is Alive in you.

All lineages are here,
same that all the Cosmos is here,
all the trees are here,
all the people and beings are here.

I am my own experience.
As profound as it can be.
I am all religions and no religions.
I don’t care what door to step in.
I care about being it.

When I see you or speak with you,
I care about you but at the same time I don’t really care.
I am IN what is happening.
I am in the search
but I’m not really searching.

What is the space between the one who asks and the answer?

I am fascinated by what there is.
Whether it is tangible or not. It’s equal.
I am fascinated by the enigma and the illusion as One.

It is okay and wonderful that life dances in me.
I chose it to be as such.
And it is okay if for some segments, I dance with it,
or fall into it, or am confused by it.
Its okay because I chose it to be as such.

I don’t want to push anything away from me.
not my feelings, not my thoughts, nor any other religion
or any other experience of life.

I am okay if you want to stand on your head
or you want to read the bible, or you want to be in silence, or dance
I’m okay with that.

I’m okay with fear, and with the anger, and the joy and the sadness,
I’m okay with that.
Everything has its place.


It’s all one composition.
It all wants to be alive.
It’s all one fragrance.


This week’s #DirectWithHomaya is
For diving deeper into :
#LivingGod       #MyManifesto         #ThereIsOnlyInside


Whatever you’d like to share-
Is a gift.
And I’m so wishing to hear


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    I perfectly understand you, of course I had my own experience; I’m, again, in tune with you, with life. And I thank you and life for this grace. All is One.

    • Avatar

      Your OWN experience is THE experience in which truth can reveal itself,
      The real experience is where YOU reveal yourself!
      Love you!!!

      • Avatar

        🙂 I love you….infinitly

  • Avatar

    Whan I watch it I feel vibrations, I feel I remember more. Grace and purity, Thank you Homaya

    • Avatar

      How wondeful to know and feel !
      Thank you for this sharing.
      thank you for descrivbing more how it feels to you.
      Please feel free to share it in the media, so more people will be touched.
      blissful day, my dear.

  • Avatar

    Wow! I was floating while I was watching this… Such a communion and conection with all existence!
    Thank you for this rememberance <3
    I bow to you

    • Avatar

      Thank you, beloved,
      it is indeed a gift,
      feel free to share it, so much can breathe that state, and bring it to life
      in a greater way!

      Love you!

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