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There are so many people running in the labyrinth of life, perceiving themselves as an object of reality. They take life for granted, feeling, behaving and believing that “this is it” – whatever they experience and can understand must be what life is all about.

One of the characteristic signs of our present time is the call for the freedom to BE, a sense of fulfillment and meaning. More and more people in the labyrinth are repeatedly questioning-“Is this what life is all about?”, “What is the purpose of all that?”, “Who am I?”, “What am I doing here?” and “What is my purpose?”

Due to various reasons, as the abundance of external stimulation that life offers and the strong cultural and social orientation which promotes disconnection from God, Presence, vitality and inner self, one can easily be mistaken between liberation and vacation, fulfillment and satisfaction.

From that perspective, the search for meaning of self and life can be easily focused on questions about work, profession, relationships and superficial happiness that eventually might keep you entangled deeper in the labyrinth rather than give you energy, light and appropriate direction.
Yes, fulfillment and the feeling of being whole and complete can emerge from your daily activities and relations and can be affected by them; yet, a deep level of inner peace and calm will come when you are in alignment with your soul. Activating the inner code of your soul.

The Code

As the physical body has a code in its DNA, so does the soul. Each soul has its own inner code consisting of several different matrices and their combinations appearing in the blueprint of your soul.

In the DNA, there are some codes that are unchangeable during a lifetime, like the color of your eyes or the structure of your bones, and other codes that are adaptable and changeable according to time, space and circumstances. These codes follow up and register all actions in all levels, repairing what needs to be repaired in order to create a healthy evolution of the species and erasing what needs to be erased. The evolution of human and nature world is directly affected by the genes and the DNA code.

The same goes for the matrices in the blueprint of your soul – they had all been set before you were born, before you have incarnated in this lifetime, and you play with them throughout your entire life.

One unchangeable matrix is your soul contract: whatever is encoded there would come into play during your life span – easily, if you are walking your true path or with a wakeup call if you resist and avoid the plan. It is the most fascinating matrix, containing the lessons your soul accepted to go through in this lifetime and appearing in different levels and areas of life. This matrix cannot be affected by action, yet it can be slowly revealed to you as you move on in life, more and more connected to your source.

Other matrices are influenced directly by your actions, emotions, thoughts and behaviors. For example:

• The Destiny Matrix creates opportunities for you to learn your lessons and follow your contract by opening perspectives and enlarging perceptions.

• The Experience Matrix determines whether a chapter in life is completed; whether the lesson was learned and the illusion gone, so there is no need to repeat it again or resend the experience or opportunity through another constellation of people, places and feelings to receive a new opportunity to overcome.

• The matrix mostly affected by action in the physical plane is the Karmic Matrix, known as Awareness to Cause and Effect. Its function can be described as a measure of the amount of light that is brought into a situation.

Whole and Complete

A series of hand positions above someone’s body, as passed down by traditional healers, is a type of energetic surgery which can adjust the life and presence of that person to be in alignment with his/her soul contract. This is an original cause healing process that moves most forms of energies and restores the original template to integrate the experiences, lessons, knowledge and gifts and create a foundation that reaches forward to embrace potential into reality. As each one has his/her own unique code, each individual has different needs and the order of the technique varies from person to person.

Being in alignment with your soul contract does not mean life becomes easy; challenges and confrontations will appear as you (as a soul) have been asking for it – to guide you to become more and more clear and lighthearted, less resisting and more one with your life force and true purpose. It does not stop the questioning, yet it brings you peace in your process of growth.

A life purpose is not a point in time and space; it is not a goal or something to do. Feeling whole and complete would not come from any action, IT IS THE PATH ITSELF AND ANY STEP TAKEN IN IT. The deepest part of it lays in the magic of being present, resting and fully BEING in ALL there is. Free to be your true nature.


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Homaya Amar

By Homaya Amar

While generating a powerful sacred space, Homaya Amar inspire to a profound authenticity and opens to the light and grace within. Leading worldwide seminars where ancient shamanic wisdom and fresh, lucid revelations dance as ONE, where miraculous healing and evolution of consciousness simply emerge.

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