Judgment means living in a reaction mode-
you react to whatever is happening,
Trying to figure out what’s good and what’s bad
and what might hurt you
or is hurting you already.

Then comes the choice to believe that you are too weak, too bad, too wrong
and that you would not be able to pull it through.
and you don’t need any external figure to play a part in the story,
hilariously enough-
you are enough.

This is the habitual scenario,
the silent drama triangle most of the people live their lives with.
it seems that it is the recipe for how our society functions.
Did you also get used to fixating yourself in the drama triangle?

There is a way out
which is empowerment
self empowerment.
Instead of judging what’s wrong, empower what you perceive as weak.


[Video: Lighten up yourself judgment   6:34 min]

Self empowerment can be shaped in many ways
through forgiveness, love, value, generosity, and more --
and at the source of it all --
is this powerful ability you have:
You have the ability to turn everything into light
to see light in everything
to be the light.


What do you do? how do you empower yourself?
What can you do to overcome Judgment?
share with us in the comments below
and enrich our common wisdom.

Looking forward to exchanging with you about that.

Love you!
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  • Avatar

    Thank you Homaya <3 <3 <3 It is always good to hear your pearls!

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Thank you for sharing sweet heart !

  • Avatar
    Tatiana Lagransky Blous

    Thank you. beloved Homaya. Today i need exactly that! I feel mmyself, the person, who sits before you and to whom you say it.

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      You are welcome beloved.
      Self Judgment is definitely a story to wake up from.

      Love You!

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