Would you rather Manifest or Understand?


“I know Light Language works- but how does it work???”

That was one of the questions I got last week, among many others who wanted to dive deeper into the way Light Language creates miracles.

Although I have many years of experience with Light Language, I don’t aim, nor do I wish, to explain how Light Language works.
The need to understand how something functions is a mental need, so it won’t add to your ability to use it properly. (Similarly, we do not know exactly how a smartphone functions even though we use it many times during the day.)
Mental understanding will not improve or affect your ability to create miracles with Light Language.

Remember we are talking about a Light Language, so it is faster than the mind.
Yet we can expand and explore 7 features of Light Language that influence a lot of your manifestation when using Light Language.


1. Apply both the left and right brain

From the moment of initiation to Light Language, through the art of grid writing, and your ability to hold sacred space for your manifestation, both your left and right brain are involved.
The inner Mobius that runs between Art and Wisdom, when using Light Language, is encouraging bypassing the mind control and so casting away behavioral patterns of perceiving reality and translating sensations. This action paves a clear path for embracing what is available from the infinite possibilities of creation.


2. Ignite vital innate memory

The basic component of Light Language – the sacred geometry, the colors, and the pure intention blend together the known and the unknown.
Each of those components carries an innate memory of the fundamental elements of the magnificent and rich world of creation. In that I am relating to the basic polarity, the five elements, the universal laws, various times and space composition, energetic structures and more.
Look at Light Language as a bridge, a carrier or (my favorite description) an interface between the manifested projection and the root of potentialities. The vital innate memory of every part of Light Language allows us to grasp new visions for manifestation and to deliberately let go of unsupportive limitations in perception.


3. There is only inside

To be able to compose a Light Language grid you are called to look inside. To be able to ordain the miracle you wish to ignite in your reality,
you must direct the projector inward.
The art of grid writing is actually the art of self-observation and self-recognition.
This is also the immense hidden (or not) potential of Light Language. It can take you as high, as deep or as wide as you would look.

Both choosing the subject of your grid and focusing on articulating the title, and attentively adding, one by one, the shapes and colors while answering the grid requirements – is a guided journey into your innermost self.
Although it seems you are writing a Light Language grid on a paper or a software, you actually write it in the filed of your consciousness.
After that all you need is to stay open and welcome the gifts that come from the universe, knowing they are the best answer to your prayer.
When being unopinionatedly open, you can expect miracles to be formed.


4. All becomes light

Once the basic elements have joined artistically and exactly as it was instructed by the Curanderos, they become a prayer composition- a Light Language grid.
Those super precise and pure elements and structure are intentionally introduced to a space of consciousness of an individual or a group. This immaculate perfection intriguers everything that doesn’t resonate with it and triggers it to come forth to the surface, to heal, to be embraced or to transform.
That process is a process of illumination, by which old and wounded perception becomes light and the entire state becomes both free and connected.
A new and elevated level of consciousness is experienced as a natural response to the raising of the frequencies, weather it is of an individual or a group.


5. Free will as an injection of life

The number one rule in the art of manifestation, is injecting whatever wish you have to participate in the real game (aka your projection) with free will.
Therefore everything that is involved in this creation MUST feel its free will alive.
This includes the free will of the one who prays, the one who composes the grid, the people who might be involved directly and indirectly, the colors and shapes that come to play, and other X factors.

When a Light Language grid is written- don’t try to enforce a reality,
instead breathe life into the immense vast space of creation.
I can’t emphasize this enough:
Free will is what brings things to life!
It’s at the core of life force.


6. FOR

As it is a LIGHT Language, it carries the DNA of light- clarity and positivity.
For. Pro. In the benefit of.
The essence is creation, extension, continuity, more, further, up, rising.
Among all-
it’s for the highest good of all concerned.
This is an immense push that recruits the best of life force.
It also leads to a marvelous alignment.
Imagine, all energies are pointing to one clear point ahead, beneficial for each soul and wave.
15 years of playing with Light language have proven to me the high level of alignment that those who are using it experience after their initiation. This alignment is a powerful foundation on which to create miracles.


7. Grids of connectivity

The grids that are written are grids of connectivity.
They are not isolated in the space, feeding someone’s own whim or egoic demands.

It is presented in the fact that they are working with and for the highest good of all, and as well with the beautiful responsibility where YOU, as an individual, can focus your Light Language prayer directly on the collective consciousness, on god forms, social, cultural and environmental topics, and design paths for positive changes to take place!

Writing community grids is as essential to the manifestation of your wishes and prayers, as writing your private grids.
In the words of Starr Fuentes “a grid that was sent without a community grid is equal to an unfinished grid.”



I am here to answer any additional question in this topic that might arise within you. Please feel free to present it in the comments section below this post.
If you feel ready for Light Language initiation- click on the image  below for more details and registration, or simply send us an email.
It was a delight sharing this with you, since both Light Language and creating miracles are topics that are dear to my heart, I feel blessed, and pray you feel blessed as well!



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  • Avatar
    Ana Paula Abreu Martins

    There are no words to express the gratitude for this blessing in my life
    The miracle of surrendering as a flow of consciousness to mirror, not just an event or object of perception, but also the unfolding dance of synchronicity supporting the beauty of each soul…
    What a great journeying… Ahow All Lineage of Mayan Curanderos… Gratefull I am…
    Love you Beloved Homaya

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Thank you beloved, I love reading your comment since your wording gives a description that enriches the teaching of Light Language even more. Bless you!

  • Avatar

    Thank you Homaya for this miracles sharing!! The way you explain it all brings another depth to my experience with Light Language! It is surely a blessing to have Light Language in my life, and I recommend it to every person who feels the call! LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Thank you sweet one,
      This morning was having a chat with few people who learned with you, a few years ago,
      they also shared who endless is the learning and who nourishing all stage is.
      Love you!

  • Avatar
    Lynn Monika Speas

    Question ✨
    How does the universe or light
    Know the difference
    in color or shape when creating
    A grid
    The colors and shapes look similar to my human eyes
    All roses smell like a rose
    Although different
    I am Excited and open to all the possibilities of shape and color as I am open to my free will of expressing it in light language as I am enlisted to the class 🙌

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Hello love,
      The universe knows the essences of each stream that leads into manifestation.
      Our inner HU-man system translates the frequencies of it to colors.
      We emit and perceive those colors.
      Example: We call everything that is able to grow, that is natural, that can heal us, and bring calmness to our heart green.
      After the initiation, you will start feeling that youa re able to see the diffrences between each shape and colors, Super happy to know you are part of this class.
      Many blessings!

  • Avatar

    Hallo Homaya, I have heard about you from Peppino and I know one day I’ll see you in reality and I’m really looking forward to it and will be happy when it happens, because I like you from the beginning.
    Love, Marion
    P. S. : see you in night school

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      See you at Night school 😉
      Thank you so much for reaching out and saying hello.
      You are super invited!

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