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The main aspect that affects your evolutionary growth as a healer.

Here we are again beloved,
continuing our travel through the healer journey;
the empath, the sensitive vibration,
the soul full seeker who said YES to his light service.

Lately I am fancying the term “spiritual leader.”
I feel it gathers together many aspects of light service, and easily melts resistance.
Do you echo with that?

A few weeks ago I wrote to you about the Baby Healer.
Now let’s explore together the central period in the development of a healer and a spiritual leader.

It would be good to recall, that there is no connection between someone’s age,
and his spiritual evolutionary process,
which also means that the way that you will transit from one stage to the other has nothing to do with time.
Like anything else in the revelation of your soul contract,
your evolution and revelation are dependent on your embodiment and integration.
Nothing else.

So what is it that you need to integrate and embody
In order to evolve from a baby healer to a healer?

The light in the practicality.

After learning and healing yourself, directing energy to clarify who you truly are, and clearing the illusionary drama,
(which are all parts of the first period in a Healer’s journey),
there will arrive a moment where you have created enough space and peace within you
that will be reflected with you starting to see and support more and more clients.

(Hopefully- you are doing this professionally and earning your living this way,
but this is a whole different topic to open- let me know if we need to go here.)

Most important is that you become increasingly comfortable
with welcoming and accepting unfamiliar people,
and cases that seem complex, to your sacred space.

Accepting means you fearlessly open your heart and let go
of the risks you fear from concerning the responsibility of serving light.
You change your relationship with responsibility.
This change is fundamental- it is an inhabitable portal to cross!
Energetically it looks like a greater opening of your crown chakra
in addition to the maturing of your heart and third eye.

(Note to GreenHouse Jungle Flowers:
We are going to go so high in these topics until all fears will crumble and fall!)

As you bring more light into your day, your life, your home, and your relationships,
you will find yourself less judgmental and less fearful, because light will become real!
It becomes applicable.
You have greater trust, your faith increases.

More and more light is simply vibrating through you,
similar to the way your blood flows,
you will experience powerful light currents,
and your evolutionary curve will follow the way you walk your talk.

Let me remind you- you are here to illuminate the world,
you are the healer of this world.
Strait and clear.

That should be the place where you look for answers for many questions
you might have about your relationship, your family, your income, your health.

How do you open up and allow all of that to happen?
How can you support clearing your judgment for more light to be present?
How do you minimize the illusionary gap between
the light of consciousness and the tangible realm?

I will elaborate on these deep questions and more in the upcoming #live light session,
Tuesday, October 20th 15:00 GMT on my Facebook page.
Add it to your calendar.

Sending you much love


P.S. There is even more deep wisdom flowing about these topics in my book,
The Healer’s Spirit, available for you to bring into your life right here.

P.P.S. I would love to hear your thoughts, reflections or questions that are coming up for you
as we walk through this Healer’s Journey together!
Please leave your comments below and I will relate to them.

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