One of the biggest lies we tell ourselves
is that we know what is going to happen.

We plan our days- which is great,
and we relate to those plans as they are meant to happen- which is also ok,
actively erasing, again and again all other options,
this makes us live in a lie, that we know the future.
We may have a sense of what is about to happen,
or how things may happen,
yet with our human eyes, we can’t see the entire scenario.
The price of this lie is lack of possibilities,
and narrowness.
It is a high currency!

Expectations, in all their forms,
are a mental jail and burden,
They can eat up your Vitality.


Try out Life as Love [Video]
Breathe with me into it.

[Video length: 05:08]

Open this option.
Feel it.
And in the comments below- let me know how it feels to you,
Not as a theory,
rather as a real sensation that is being evoked.


Claim it- for your entire being- to feel more and more at ease
to live, while planing and still being open.

+ extra notice: I do not suggest you to replace this light with truth,
replace it with nothing!

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