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You’re the only one standing in your way.

There is so much truth in that familiar statement.

This sentence is relevant in the context of goal-achieving, self-expression, and fulfilling intimate relationships.

It’s also super relevant regarding your relationship with the spirit, and the energies that are transmitted in a healing session!

As lightworkers clearing our ego, emotional patterns and thought forms are a prime focus, so our thick personality mask (the ‘YOU’ we’ve just mentioned) will not stand in our own way.
We are here to be completely transparent,
pure vessels of the pure divine light,
And to live from that place of a vivid awareness
of the divinity that dwells in all.

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Some of those patterns are obvious and super easy to track, especially when they bother us in ways that bring attention to the ‘byproduct’ limitation they govern.
Other patterns and conditioning are so well imprinted, that we can’t see them, we just live with them, for better and worse.
They are like ‘blind spots,’ far out from our spectrum of awareness.

So let’s open this whole “blind zone” of spiritual conditioning
it is something that light workers rarely look at and it is definitely needs clearing,
Because this specific one takes your freedom away.

This zone is at the root of your self-esteem and self-confidence issues.


Spiritual conditioning is created every time we apply certainty towards spirit,
It manifests as a silent need to capture it and to assume we have it all figured out,
the habit of believing that there is a form and an end.

It’s where the doctrine becomes safe and certain for you,
when you feel you have the answers.
Any answer.

Spiritual conditioning is not a belief system, it’s the rigidity of a belief system, and the subtle, transparent limits you put on your practice, religion, lineage or guru.

It’s not a spiritual Ego, rather the neediness to create an ego.


Every time we give a confined definition to an abstract concept we starts creating stagnation which leads us to live conditioned.

Aligned with the act that we made God a fact,
gave Thy a name,
gave Divinity a shape,
Something happened to us as well,
a limitation was created in our consciousness.

I want you to feel it for a moment-
When you gave spirit a name and stopped there, expecting it to be one way and not the other, you fenced in your own freedom.

At that point,
in one breath,
we took on ourselves the definition of sin and the definition of holy.

There we agreed that there is a way that things should be.
We formed our own self.
We defined sacredness, holiness, sin, good boy, good girl, spiritual teacher, healer and the rock-and-roll star.

Now all have a shape and we know how each should look.

You know how you should look,
how you should be,
And how you should experience life.


On the down-to-earth aspect, you limit yourself from being the amazing healer you are, the inspirational teacher, a vibrating living knowledge, a channeler-
Because somewhere inside of you the way you should be became known.

But it can’t be known, because it is not yet created!

When you think that you know, even subconsciously,
the way you should be,
Then there is a way you should talk,
things that you should say, words you shouldn’t say…
Clothes you should wear and shoes you shouldn’t,
Ways to communicate with your guides, to read your tarot, the feeling that comes from a crystal, even a way to ground yourself.

And the hardest of all-
Which is the most subtle to identify and release-
A way to experience love, light and grace.


Living your essence is living in freedom,
Spirit and your soul are abstract, formless,
free to be.


There is no exact way to be spiritual.
There is no shape for truth.
No form to compassion or grace.
The way you felt divinity and light yesterday- or the way it was written in a book- isn’t the way it will be for you now.

Do you still need that spiritual conditioning?
Do you still need to limit yourself?

Keep on peeling, beloved.
Set yourself free.


Tell me, my love, can you see where have you been conditioned to confine the divine? Share your response with me in the comments.

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  • Avatar

    How lovely. I have no words just bliss. Thank you. I am just learning about you.

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Thank you so much for sharing your blissful experience.
      sending you blessings and grace, and looking forward to a deeper connection with you.

  • Avatar
    Michal Tsofia

    Thank you beloved! The exect words I needed to hear and understand. What a blessed timing.
    Thank you for sharing this amazing insight.


    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      I am so happy to hear from you!
      and grateful that those words are of service to you!
      I love you, hug you,
      hugs full of light!

  • Avatar
    Noa Peled

    Thank you for your healing voice, encouraging to keep on peeling. * Love *

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      I am grateful to be able to record the posts, I felt that can be so good for many of you,
      and your little gift is also an injection of encouragement for me- to keep on doing it.
      Thank you, sweetheart. I love you and miss you!

  • Avatar

    Thank you beloved Homaya! You download took me for totally liquid state! I am going to sleep in this blessed state. It is a good opening for our spontaneous Sinai retreat in а few days…

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Wawww, super good! Indeed Sinai is a perfect place for everyone to peel and see himself- with lots of love and easiness.
      Give a hug from me to the sea and the mountains.
      Love you!

  • Avatar

    Thank you for Your inspiration,beloved Homaya.
    In my life I realised that in order to be incarnated in this dimention I needed to dress my body and also the Spirit in me. Dressing the I AM with the coat of Teacher, the trousers of a Mother, the shirt of the Counselor and Guide, the shoes of Pilgrim Shaman, the scarf of a Healer and the perfume of an actress and so on.
    One day in 9-9-1999, at Titicaca Lake I got naked, I loose all my beliefs and skills. For Grace it remains the breathing and a sense of Presence. I think is the Presence of the Spirit in me. And so I could keeping on living!!!
    When I came back to Lisbon I enter into a blessed depression for One year.
    This is all I have to say for now !
    I hope it Will come a time of Plenty with no words.
    Thank you for Your words and Your silence.
    Love you💖💐

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Such a powerful way to describe it- “dress my body and the spirit in me!”, amazing Teresa.
      the rest is pure poetry!
      reminding us the real art of an actor is to show us the truth.

  • Avatar
    Ana Paula

    Grateful beloved Homaya for this guidance, this reminder… may we dance within that which doesn’t need preparation, doesn’t need decoration, doesn’t need any running after fullness, doesn’t need fixing. May we dance in that which doesn’t require accumulation. May we stand in this nothingness, where we are free to decide what body will and will not experience.
    Toward the past only infinity… Toward future only infinity… I feel in this infinity we can travel to the origin of anything…
    Our soul is really compassionate with us… waiting for us to acknowledge WE CAN LIVE ETERNITY RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE. Big embrace.

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Beloved Darshana, there is so much beauty coming from your words, Thank you for sharing.
      No decoration, no fixing, no inner competition with the ghost image you have on yourself.
      I also feel in that state there is no need to take a decision what would the body experience, what we experience as a body,
      Once you are united with your spirit, your soul, the spirit- all experiences are the truth- you are truth.
      No need to take a decision.
      It Is.
      You Are.

      • Avatar
        Ana Paula Abreu Martins

        Surrendering… I am receiving this download… Infinite Gratitude
        Love and Grace

  • Avatar

    Thank you for that words. I thought that in order to be a healer I need to be spiritual and also that in order to be spiritual I need to be a healer. Today I know non of that is true and I’m looking inside, how spirit takes a form in my life. Realizing how much all of these forms are lies, foucosing on my true self. But even when doing so, I have this whispering concern that I might be wearing another thought form.

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Sweet one- thank you for taking the time, writing and sharing, I’m so happy to meet you here!
      Spirit is completely inside of us, have no way to be an outfit, I find the vibration of your words describing your action: “focusing on my true self” bright!!!
      As for this doubts whisper- feel the vibrations that come with it… that might be a mind loop, another custom, as there is a way for it you to be enough,
      as there is a way for you not to be TRUE????
      (It emphasis – this is at the root of self-esteem and self-confidence issue).

  • Avatar

    not long ago, I was waiting for the way I should have been, the task I was supposed to play in this life. Then I stopped. Life is unfolding before me, revealing wonderful and unimaginable scenarios, and I let myself be carried by the water of a river.
    What I thought could exclude the other, now it fits perfectly, my vision is wider, I can afford to look at the big picture as a wonderful work of art that is painted day after day.
    Your post has deeply touched me because I was meditating on these aspects of life but wondering if I’m right, if I should not expect something more “formed” … but now I have the answer.
    thank you. Thanks for the resonance, the light cues.

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Such a pleasure reading you, beloved,
      So much wisdom is sprouting from your words,
      and to know this beautiful breakthrough you have done, permitting aspects that seems a contradiction to be complimentary!
      What is love if not exactly that?

      I’m happy for those cosmic signs that are coming your way,
      which that by itself is a sign of being in alignment!

      See you soon <3 <3 <3

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