Liberate yourself [Text]


The impact of vows, oaths, and contracts on your life course.

Sometimes, you just can’t put your finger on what is holding you back.
Why you can’t advance on your path or breakthrough some limitation?
How come you addressed so much healing and light to a certain pattern and you still can’t change a certain pattern?
Why are you not able to make the amount of money you feel you deserve, establish an intimate relationship, or speak your truth in public…?
I suggest you stop and consider the possibility that you are the one holding yourself back.
as a result of vows you have taken, an oath you have sworn
to, or a contract you’ve signed.
And reading this post right now might be a sign saying now is the time to liberate yourself.

Most likely you, as is quite common for all of us, have committed to something,
(a person, a belief, a community, an idea)
in this life OR in your past lives,
in a way that is still influencing you today.
It might influence your decisions or your behavior.
Or this commitment could have the more extreme effect of coloring your entire life,
and your life situations unfold in a way that maintains this level of commitment.

Commitments lead to manifestation

The commitments you have made, consciously or unconsciously,
were made by you, no one could force you to make them.
Commitments need our belief and free will to create a lasting mark.
Strong agreements are imprinted with the power of your words and intentions,
Longlasting agreements are set with potent tribal ritual, calling great forces of nature, spirits, and ecstatic trance states. Then they are sealed with your blood and your name.

When you make a commitment, you are completely engaged with it.
So the commitments you have made in the past feel today like an organic part of you,
and it takes a great level of awareness to recognize them as a limitation,
and to forge an unbreakable intention to undo a commitment!

Commitment (like gratitude), is one of the most powerful tools
that lead to manifestations,
in other words: They have the ability to influence reality.

Three types of commitments have the power
to leave a strong mark on your soul, a seal in the energy field and affect your current life:
Vows, Oaths, and Contracts.

Vows, Oaths, and Contracts

A vow is an obligation you take on yourself,
That can support you to remove distractions.
It empowers and focuses your belief system,
and your life experiences.

Examples of common vows are: a Vow of poverty, a Vow of celibacy, a Vow of revenge, a Vow of silence, a Vow to never love again and a Vow of eternal loyalty.

People can also take a Vow to succeed or a Vow to serve,
which can be experienced as something open and bountiful,
still, the power of a vow can also manifest as a limitation.

When a vow is active, you can find yourself with a strong limitation,
Appearing as a behavioral pattern,
that you are not able to overcome.
For example, with a Vow of celibacy, you might find that no matter what you do, you cannot manifest an intimate relationship. Or with a Vow of poverty, you can’t enjoy financial abundance.

An oath is a deliberate decision to address your action and thoughts
to serve and support another person or a group of people such as an association, tribe, clan or country.

In the cases of both an individual or a group,
the parties are holding space as an energetic entity
and are part of this agreement,
therefore they will also be a part of the disengagement process.

Some spiritual entanglements and energetic limitations
can occur because you took an oath,
and others because you were the representative individual that people swore to.
Usually, the oaths serve to continue a tradition, protect knowledge and power,
and it demands great loyalty that is nourished from your own life force.

For an oath to have its power, ritual needs to be performed,
And all bodies are involved (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).
These are promises that pass time and space.

When an oath is active,
you can find yourself giving time, energy and life force to something,
whether you like it or not, and whether it serves you or not.


A contract is a mutual exchange of forces and services,
there are no rules of reciprocity or equality for a contract to be performed.
A contract can influence all that you manifest in a certain life,
as it is placed at your core codes.

You have given your name and specific unique and valuable imprint for the contract to exist.
A contract is made with another entity or a group, in the physical body or in spirit.
Apart from your soul contract that is prior to any other contract,
one can carry a contract with light forces, and others might still be under an influence of a contract with the underworld.

Be aware that also your house contract, working contract or licensing programs,
are modern contracts and can have the same impact on your life!
Words, names, and properties are what gives force to the contract,
the cancelation of a contract or the time frame of its activity should be defined by both sides,
and there is the need for a re-encounter of both sides
or an equivalent amount of intention and structure
to cancel a contract.

You have more power than you can imagine

Although it has a medieval smell,
vows, oaths, and contracts do not only belong to past centuries.
It could be that, with or without awareness,
you made a vow, oath or contract
that can serve you or limit you,
last year, or last month.

Most likely at the time you made a specific commitment
It felt positive and very supportive.
If this is the time to undo it
Know that YOU HAVE THE POWER to do it!

As your free-will will ever be your greatest power on earth
Your light intention, positive attitude, and appropriate rituals
Can support you to undo anything you have taken on yourself,
You can also call upon the light powers to support you in this sacred process.

May this be another reminder to embrace our greatness,
to realize how potent are the power of your words, your intentions, and your commitments,
and how valuable is your name,
and your single, unrepeated presence!



Do you feel you carry a vow, oath or contract that you have taken in the past that is causing limitations in your life today? Please share in the comments, dear one, you can inspire others to recognize they took a similar vow, and we can explore how to release them!

Bless you!

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