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LET YOUR PROBLEM HEAL YOU [Video] - Homaya.org



(Hebrew text is attached in PDF under the English / טקסט בעברית בקובץ מתחת לאנגלית)

Additional input and elaboration to the video content:
In order to reach the place that I am speaking about,
You will need to go through 8 stages.
Anyone can pass from one stage to another , yet reality shows that very few do.

1. Experiencing: The wake up call stage. Something meaningful is rocking your system.
Most people look at this experience from the awareness of a victim,
and don’t really use it move forward.

2. Clarification: This is the stage where we call for healing.
In order for the healing to happen,
we actually re-live the experience, sometimes even several times over and over,
but this time -- in a Sacred Space.
In this stage the pain, the struggle or the shadow begin to receive light,
and from here, a very specific union allows to bring the experience into a completion.

3. Responsibility: Here is where the first stage of release occurs.
Self Recognition which is free from the personality perception is sprouting,
and in it’s light it is possible to see:
What in the inner structure was asking for this experience,
was creating it, and was actively assisting in its manifestation.

4. Forgiveness: Forgiveness has a lot of layers.
The primary forgiveness is to what had happened, to our inner parts within.
It begins with what most of us know already as the willingness to let go,
and it ends with owning back your power.

5. Gratitude: The stage of “no return”.
This is where you pave yourself the road to Mastery
to living in Paradise,
when you are totally full of gratitude, from the core of your being,
for whatever had happened, and whatever is happening,
Beyond good or bad.

6. Service: Then you are unstoppable.
You become the life force itself. Alive, Awake, Abundant.
Full of love, remembering the source of goodness and light from which all is created,
and you just wish to pass it forward more and more and more…till eternity.
Because it is possible. Because there IS.

7. Mastery: It begins to receive from you a life of its own.
The knowing that there is no victim and no sabotage.
There is no action and no reaction.
And all there is, is all there is.

8. And at a certain moment, because this truth lives in you so much,
it simply radiates from you. It is just who you are. And you are IT.
And it is free to live.



For Hebrew click here -- לקריאה בעברית


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  • Avatar
    Teresa Gonçalves

    Thank you dear Homaya. This video is what I really was needing. Synchrony. I WAS deeply in one of recurrent emotional troubles and you remind me who I AM.
    Love and light!
    (Sorry for my English…)

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      You are welcome dear Teresa !
      and i am happy to know that synchronicity worked for you.
      I found synchronicity as a glimps to the most aligned state,
      in synchronicity ther eis no mind, no fear, no reaction,
      simple adoration for all the is.
      Thank you for sharing !

  • Avatar
    Ana Paula

    Hi, I sent an e-mail, but I understood… you answer here, so it goes:
    Thank you Dear Homaya,
    So wonderful, this video came, this topic, because while I was preparing my yoga class theme, I came to this:
    From Drama to Dharma, and how nature moves in itself between inertia and gravity, and how we need to feel this in order to come to a state we can feel the divine moving in us, we can feel eternity. And that this state is not the place where we have all the answers to all the questions, nor the place where we get the cure, but the place where all the questioning vanish, because we feel no separation and we become rivers… moving like new born child each moment…
    Thank you Dear Homaya for this topic…
    Also it came to me the importance of listening carefully the person that comes to us asking for help… not always a person who asks for help, wants to change perception because the person doesn’t accept it needs a change in perception because the person sees himself or herself as a victim, nor any prescription will result
    Thank you Dear Homaya
    Love you

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Dear Ana Paula, Thank you for sharing your wisdom and elighted perspective.
      As well,
      By reading your sharing i can feel the depth of your listening,
      profund listening is the one that is able to listen to the truth in all sounds, all words,
      the truth of being beyond any verbal uses.
      In that case, when someone is knocking on a healer door,
      asking for support, it could be that practicly you would need to communicate with the “Victim”,
      Yet simultaneously the grateful, the lover, the one who forgive, the ONE is there,
      and he is the ONE who knocked at your door.

      Let me know if it is clear.

      love you !

      • Avatar
        Ana Paula

        So clear, so shining, caring and smiling your answer, dear Homaya. It meant a lot… Thank you

  • Avatar

    Thank you Homaya. I knew this very well, and now you are translating a higher vibration level of this knowing. pure energy/ Thank you. I get it. Before I had a question: how and what can I t do, that my patient can receive this massage. And now I know- to change the vibration of my words…

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Beloved Tatiana, Love you much !
      Thank yo for sharing.
      This is a wonderful question !
      I feel that this is all about evolving from Ignorence to truth, from darkness into light.
      Once this truth is awaken in you, you start living completely acroding to it.
      as there are no other choice.
      You move from KNOWING it (as you wrote and share) into LIVING it.
      In that time it is presence in your energy filed, and your words carries this knowing beyond words.
      So simply keep on tuning more and more into it.
      Makes those steps of embodiment consciously and with this gracful prayer to sync with the truth.
      Sending waves of love and light.

  • Avatar

    it feels like an upgrade for the program. just today I was asking myself how would life look like without the consistency of my mind saying that there is a problem, or a mistake, that something needs to be changed or fixed.
    for a glimpse I saw that it is much more sunny and bright.

    to be honest I don’t have patience for 8 steps. yet it is very inspiring to meet people that live in those vibrations

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Yes dear Michael, it is bright.
      and in that case, can you share why patience is needed?
      are you able to look at feel all of it as aspects of the same thing?
      Gratitude, Forgiveness, mastery – all are vivid and alive simoltaniously?
      and feel the amount of energy needed to be in that state.
      + love you !
      and thank you so much for sharing.

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