I had a talk with my book shaman this week-

I tried to describe to her

what it means to create a complete,

irreversible breakthrough in someone’s life?


She asked me- so what do you do in the healing you offer, 

if you do not aim to fix the orbit,

(the orbit is the habitual monotonous routine

of thought forms, well-integrated belief systems, habitual patterns etc…

I was telling you all about it last week)


And I answered- You explode the orbit.

“You” means- the healer.


I know that sounds dramatic,

and might be translated in various ways

so let me word the essence of it:

In order to create a full transformation, 

the link between a healee and his unhealthy patterns

should be clearly revealed and cut.

Clearly, it can happen in steps,

If this is what needed.

The most important thing is that

that the healee will strongly feel, embrace and follow

the wisdom his life force.

That the healee will gain

The natural power of his life back.


For that to happen, as a healer,

you need to keep on following the wave of healing

to full integration.


There would be a moment,

after the breakthrough already happened,

and things seems to be more pacific,

And in their place,

that an “old” tendency, of your healee (or a memory of it,)

will seem real, again.

The healee might be aware of it, or not,

At this time, in his inner or outer realm,

he will face few possibilities to choose from.


In a schematic description

One door of possibility will have “Same Old, Same Old” written on its door,

Although for sure it will look shiny and will feel like HOME.

And on the second door 

will be written “Who Knows..?”

And this one might not even look like a door. 


This is a precious moment…

Perhaps, it may happen, that the healee

will try to return to his habitual stream, 

the old thought patterns and habitual thoughts.

But- the healing wave have already given a glimpse

at what a free flow feels like

and a seed of a notion

that there is not only this current breakthrough,

but there is so much more ahead!


I truly feel that this is the top moment in the healing wave,

Where all the work that was done is translated

to a barrier that was created in the immediate path 

that leads only back to the old stream.

Instead what is offered is a respectful encouragement for

the person who chose you as a guide

to contemplate if indeed opening this door is an option.


Instead, he might like to choose the door of freedom.


continuing to hold the space of what is truly possible,

so the healee can choose effortlessly

to move forward.


Such a sacred moment.

Lifting someone out of his very familiar orbit

Into a new and fresh state of consciousness,

And silently providing the confidence and support needed

While being reborn.



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