The naked structure of judgment

and three practices you can do daily to clear your judgment

once and for all.


Judgment is another form of protection that takes you away from your own nature, your beauty and light.

As well as all that surrounds you.

If we allow it, dare to see through it,

judgment can actually reveal more about ourselves than about whomever our judgment is.

That’s because all judgment comes from feelings of our own inadequacy.

Therefore I suggest that for this moment now, as you are reading these pages, as you find yourself judgmental, embrace it with joy, as you are in the state of realigning yourself with truth.

The naked structure of judgment

When I judge someone for doing something harmful or wrong, I must connect and accept an illusionary division between good or bad, right or wrong.

In another level – I take on myself belief that this person has greater force than other people in the situation, including me, and that this force should be taken away to keep more harm from happening.

Hilarious enough- judging someone is the process of giving illusionary force to someone, and then wanting to “control” and take this force away.

A very basic example is that when judging someone to be too loud, I immediately need to define what is the line that this person crossed, according to a belief system I have (that keeps changing in relation to the places and people I am with) and define that I am incapable to deal with that level of sound.

When we make a judgment about another person, we think that we are judging them, but actually we are judging ourselves as incapable of dealing with the mirror that reality is sending us, through them.

By judging others we take our own force away from us.

Our own feelings about our weakness or our inability to do something can be the root of our judgments about others.

The victim consciousness is the one who is judging others and your own self.

As shocking as it may sound, a good victim has the power to turn anyone into a persecutor.


Choose light

In order to clear judgment you need to choose again and again light and positivity.

Re-set with breath whenever you notice judgment.

Re-adjust your relationship to yourself by acknowledging your abilities.

Journal about this daily or ask yourself once you notice yourself judging:

When you think that they are wrong

If you notice that you are judging others- contemplate

what is the light in the consciousness of the one who is doing the action I am judging?

Believe in the purest intention, sometimes even naive and fearful, that the other person has. In his level of consciousness- What is the light that this person sees, has and connects to.

Today for example, I have received an email with someone complaining and judging about the need to pay for spiritual classes.

I suggested that he ask himself, “Why would a wise light master choose to ask students to pay for spiritual classes?

What is the teaching in that? What is the light?”

The fact that we cannot perceive someone else’s reasoning and motives, doesn’t mean he is wrong. It means we have the opportunity to expand into greater levels of acceptance, light and compassion.

When you see yourself judging others, relate to it as an invitation to expand your light even more.


Regarding yourself  Judgment

If you’re able to see the image you have about yourself,

and that makes you feel inadequate to deal with other peoples’ images, or life situation-

Doubt it.

Bring light and love to that part.

Ask yourself what it means about you that you are not able to see the light in a certain situation, person or yourself?

Be compassionate- you will not transform judgment and see the truth if you judge the judgment.

Also ask yourself, each day if needed, what is the positive thing from this experience? What is the light in it?

Make a list of all the light things that can come out of each situation.

Celebrate seeing the light

Because seeing the light means being light.


This is an extract from the “Power Healer’s Spirit” Handbook
with practice, rituals and exercises to empowering the healer that you are.
Handbook will be available to purchase from early August 2019.



You are welcome to share your questions and sharing in the comment section below.


See you there!


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  • Avatar

    This post is so full I can read it again and again! My question is how to deal with judgments of others towards yourself? I see how my own judgments are a light to my own fears/limitations. But when encountering others judgments toward me or others, how do I process this? My fear of rejection or of what other’s think especially those I care about – I see how that alters my behavior/actions/words from not being my most authentic self. And this is maybe a reflection of my own self judgment?
    I hope you understand my dilemma/question.
    Thank you ❤️

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Hey love, I am happy that this feels nourishing to your soul and life.
      As for your Question – you are referring to a feeling that you are judged by others? am I right?
      Yes, clearly it is a reflection of your own self judgment, and we will dive deeper in it on the #livelight.
      Sending blessings!
      Let me know if youw ill be there.

  • Avatar

    HOmaya I will be in the live show tomorrow

  • Avatar

    DEar HOmaya, It is a real plaeasure reasding you, as always. Your lighit comes through as a laser beam. I need your advice. I am a light language teacher, a healer, and a western trained medical doctor> I have been in practice for the last 45 years and have neve had to face what I am facing today in my practice. MOst of my patients, independent of age bracket, are facing different dregrees of depression. This situation, in my opinion, has emerged in parallel to a very polarized presidential campaign which reached unimaginabe levels of fake news, and hate language, unknown in our history. The new president elected is openly homophobic, and has in many moments expressed hjis support to the physical elimination of his opponents. And most of his public policy measures have meant loss of rights for the poorest. And the State has been flooded with officials coming from the ranks of the the most fundamentalist religious groups. Brazilian diplomacy has onver hte last two weeks shifted its tradiontla support to womens rights to an allignemtn with the most retrograde muslim regimes in the world. how to tell the mother of a slauthered gay woman, because she opposed these meaures, that we have to be nonjudgemental, not necessarily of the direct peprpetrators, but of the authority whose legitimacy as the president clearly supports atitudes as such?
    what can we do as healers to confront such a massive tide of dark energy, and keep our integrity as a being of light?

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      My love this is a strong mirror to relate to, are you planning to be live online, or should I answer here?

  • Avatar

    DEar Homaya, it is alwayz enlightening to read you r words, they are pure light. I juts wanted , in this comment, to let you know tha tthe date for the live event is wrong on your ewmail message. It wou ld be good if you could correct. It says ther July 18th. I have a question that I will post witih another comment.

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Thank you, we will be sending a correction link!
      Thank you!

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