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What creates intimacy?
What makes it profound, full, nourishing, 
and ever-lasting?
We got used to believing that intimacy is created
between me and you in some magical way, when
a greater level of openness is allowed,
a verbal or non-verbal communication is expressed,
and a rare sensation of connection is experienced.
Interestingly enough, these qualities will not ensure
that it will last, evolve, deepen,
and that you, as an individual, will feel you are able
to keep on evolving in it,
while feeling the sacred space that you long for.
Most of the intimacies are based on subject and object relationship,
momentary co-dependencies,
and an ‘illusionary’ sense of union.
The real magic is created when the path to your innermost,
is illuminated by your own fearless, egoless, restful notion
of care and curiosity.
(you might need to read this sentence again, go ahead and do that,
while breathing it profoundly into your cells)


[Video: Intimacy Beyond Duality   4:13 min]


When you’re in pure self-acceptance,
THERE IS nothing to hide
All is exposed and seen in its most natural state.
Nothing can hold you, no one can hurt you.
Has no place,
Since you have already dealt with a greater silent fear- of facing your demons.
You are immensely strong and open at the same time.
Your ability to welcome the other is based on awareness and not self protection.
As such, your intimacy can keep on evolving,
your co-creation expands, your prosperity blooms.
While you are more you -- there is more life in you and as you.
It might feel like I’m offering a utopian state,
it probably feels that way,
when you assume that you need to achieve this state fully, by yourself,
instead- look at it as something that can be created along the way, together,
each and both, gently and respectfully, 
diving deep into the endless being that you are.
This is a vast topic,
let me know if and where you would like me to elaborate,
in the discussion area below, 
and inspire us all -- how did you open to greater levels of intimacy?

Love you!


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    Catherine Wohlleben


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    michael fidelman

    it found me just now. in a perfecet timing. when im ready for it. when being and human being are not precived in such a difrentation as before. i drink it breath it. thank you. i love you

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      You are welcome, my love.
      Hugs of lights.
      Love those words “beings and human beings”.

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    Patricia Canela

    Thank you

  • Avatar

    Dear Homaya, I’m connected with you in a profound intimacy when just I AM..nothing. In that quiet and emptyness we are all one, I have the experience, it is not a theory, is the Truth. The Holy Spirit is everywhere and everything, the “good” and the “suffering”. Staying without interpretation, thoughts, concept…I’m not the body, I’m not my education, just I am wath I am. Everything is perfect…and a mystery. With immense love.

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      I felt I drink a sparkling nectar,
      delighted to read your words.
      Let that be a living truth, a living experience, a living knowledge,
      Only that.

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    Andreia Furtado

    Deep, powerful and inspiring (as always) <3

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      LOL, wonderful!
      Hugs beloved,
      was feeling you a few days ago.

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    Dear Homaya, for me the way is the self-acceptance, the self-love.
    Now, reading those your words, I feel perfectly in peace with my entire essence, expanse and stable.
    Your words touch me like I’m with you. I’m grateful.

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Thank you for sharing dear Sara.
      I’m happy to read and know that this teachings brought you a feeling of peace and wholeness.
      From what I know from you, your authenticity is a river of intimacy. ♡

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    its beautiful. for some beings such as my self the non dual intimacy is more comfortable, and can be experienced easily.
    yet the human intimacy is what i am intreated in experience together with the first one

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      Blessings my dear,

      For the clarity of this answer, I release the words “non-dual” since they indicate a defined doctrine.
      Instead, I relate to it as a certain wholeness, complete unity,
      One with the One that is ALL.

      In that case, how could the “Human” intimacy be excluded…?

      Intimacy is an openness that you are feeling free to create and to allow.
      This is happening since you are at ease, with the experiential knowledge of your core essences.
      The experience is based (also) on profound attention and inner devotion,
      therefore the vast path into you – is acknowledged and known.
      You are open.
      You are openness.

      ALL is welcome,
      All are welcome,
      nothing is hidden,
      no need to protect.

      And breathe…

      let me know if this energetic words found a place in you.


      > check the posts about self-judgment and about secrets.

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