Implementing Magic

Three acts of awareness that can empower your creation.

One of the signals I got from the universe a few months ago was that
with all the changes that are happening in the world,
and in people’s lives,  ‘Light Lovers’ -our online FB community, also needed a change.

The Light Lovers FB group was a miraculous place,
it has grown up to be a community of nearly 2000 people from all around the world in a year and a half,
but more than that- it is a place that allowed us great
connection and support in a time that was most needed.

During the last week I published our new communal activities,
of which I am sure you will be happy to be a part,
AND- I am sure you would be happy to learn how I weave magic into my
creation process- so how about getting them both?

Here are three pieces of the magic of changing the structure. 


One of my writing teachers was beaming everytime I offered a word
starting with the letter ‘O.’ It became like a game for me-
I was introducing a word like Old and Orgasm and her aura would light
in the exact same way.

A name is a geometrical light code, it gathers both the seed and
the forest of that specific person/project/class.
The potential, the direction and the manifestation.

The letters count, the meaning counts, the sound counts. 

Light Lovers is now named REVEALING HEALING

Rev-ealing H-ealing.

REV up (accelerate) the healing. Bring it forth.


Teaching and creating activities online was a challenge in many ways,
I am sure that you experience this challenge as well.

Apart from the technological and ‘performance’
(a way to name what finally looks like teaching in front of your computer) aspects,
the biggest challenge was how to create a powerful sacred space
in the open and restless space of the internet.

I have realized that there must be a flexible structure that allows
movement in the foundation of whatever platform I create.
It can not be mental, it must connect to a cosmic power,
a light being, a universal wave.

Previously, the Light Lover wave was riding the wave of the week.
We started with Intention and completed with Gratitude,
and for those who wanted to practice self awareness,
this was a great way to follow what you do with your energy.

Now we needed a new structure… and it reveals itself naturally.

We picked up 5 core essences for the group:

Elation – The joy and bliss of being lifted by divine spirit
Healing – The art of being in sync and in peace with the real
Communion – Brotherhood and sisterhood 
Elevated wisdom- A vivid field of divine intelligence
Presence – Being, the most relevant pulsation

Once the essences were set- the five elements of creation came to bond with them.

Earth for communion – it is our ground.
Water for healing  for it to flow.
Air for elevated wisdom free and light
Fire for elation bliss at the core.
And Ether for presence – in all that there is.

It is done, it is done, it is done, so be it!

The five elements are the creation tools for anything that is manifesting,
I could not apply them the first time I opened this FB group,
it was too young to carry something with manifestation power,
but now that it already knows how to walk energetically,
this cosmic structure definitely suits.



So this is what will happen in the Revealing Healing group:

  • We will be celebrating the previous wave by awakening faith
    in the new moon and basking in grace under the full moon light.
  • We will have a monthly market day where you can show up and market your offerings.
  • Once a month there will be a guest (which can be you) offering a mini class, meditation, activation, music…
    Whatever is in his heart.
  • Under the new moon we read the tarot with Alisa.
  • I will be giving healing circle occasionally, and I might not be the only one.
  • Once a month I will be going live, to guide about a topic that you will choose (!)
  •  And the rest- the space is yours, to share, ask, witness, bring from your heart, listen, reflect –
    everything that will support you to evolve in your healing process and your healer path.

When the time came to implement the changes in the group, it was not merely a technical act.
I created a little ritual, lit the altar, did a prayer, blessed the space,
I was present with gratitude with the energies that graduated and welcomed
from a state of connection the energies that were coming in.

It might seem bizarre in the rapid world to stand calm and in front of your computer
until the energies shift,
and let them do the ‘work’ they need to do,
but this is what MAGIC is about.

‘Doing’ will not do it.


When you set your day with magic, your food, your project, you give them extra power,
you are not the only one who holds space for that creation.
The cosmos is doing it for you.

I would love to read and relate to your comment and reflection about these changes.
You are also welcome to bring your questions related to bringing magic to your clinic,
your food or your new project.

This time, please post them on the Revealing Healing FB group
and allow this group to do its magic for you!

This is a wonderful new start!

Enjoy the wonders!

Love you,


P.S. By ‘We’ I relate to me, and my team, my spiritual allies and you.
This is how I see it when it comes to a
group with such values as I mentioned.


Homaya Amar

By Homaya Amar

While generating a powerful sacred space, Homaya Amar inspire to a profound authenticity and opens to the light and grace within. Leading worldwide seminars where ancient shamanic wisdom and fresh, lucid revelations dance as ONE, where miraculous healing and evolution of consciousness simply emerge.

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