I’m begging you to Trust

Not me, not the world, not anyone,
There is no need to trust no one in any case,
Trust yourself!
Can’t you see that without it, nothing can really happen…?
Your mind stays in a control mode,
and you can’t overcome your own illusionary limitations???

Trusting is breaking through. It is the least that is needed for it.
And it doesn’t mean you need to be all neat and genius,
Ready and perfect in whatever way,
To finally be trustworthy in your own life.
You just need to be,
holding to … NOTHING.

Let Trust sink in you, don’t compromise in just talking about it,
knowing theoretically it exists, polluting your life with spiritual agendas,
And when the real time comes, for you to let go and welcome the now,
The first thing you let go of is your trust.

Let Trust sink in you completely, let it linger from the crown to the throat and dive in the heart,
pave the road through your stomach, welcome it to sink even more till your feet and your toes,
till it will fill your whole body and mind.

Let it be your guest of honor in the manifested realm of your life,
So you stop holding yourself from living.
Trust is a mysterious and delicious ingredient for wonders to happen.
It’s your YES to the gifts that your divine nature pours at you.

Reality will always shift and morph, let it be,
you can’t grasp it, or hold it, it’s its nature to dance the infinite dance in the matter.
There is no ‘Play’ nor ‘Stop’ button that will make you adequate to deal with whatever is happening.
You don’t need to hold on to nothing.
You are holding nothing.

Trust it ALL, it’s an answer to your deepest prayers,
a blessing that comes straight from the highest.
Even if in the heat of the moment your mind can’t get what the blessings is about,
and your pain and confusion are burning!
Stay with your arms wide open, at the size of the infinite heart that you have,

Life loves you completely,
Life Adores you!

Trust so you can stop running after your mind, and be the blessings that you are.
an everlasting fountain of immense __________ fill it up as you like-
cause all can be filled up here, and nothing at all.

Love you!
Common, jump!


This week’s #DirectWithHomaya is about:
#TrustInMe      #TakingRisk       #SpiritToMatter

I’ll be online in the next 24 hours to answer  all your questions
and address you sharings in the comments here below.

Photo credit: Shannon Kelley

Homaya Amar

By Homaya Amar

While generating a powerful sacred space, Homaya Amar inspire to a profound authenticity and opens to the light and grace within. Leading worldwide seminars where ancient shamanic wisdom and fresh, lucid revelations dance as ONE, where miraculous healing and evolution of consciousness simply emerge.


  1. Grata Beloved for this sharing.
    Come so close to me as I am.
    …. I have to be like this, I have to do it, I have to go there,
    Because if not I do not get the result that is supposed to
    ….. Thank you so much light and clarity that you brought to this question that is so mine.
    I’ll press and let go ..

    Thank you dearest MASTER
    Ana Paula

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  2. Thank you! that is sooo beautifull!
    It seems the easiest thing on earth , but why is it sooo dificult?
    It makes me afraid. Thoughts come to my mind. How? what if?…
    Thank you soo much for the reminder!

    1. Blessings Annette,
      Indeed trust is the name we give to the energy of passing through the mind fear barrier,
      It is the gardienne angel that open gates for you to experience more of the divinity that you are.
      Let it linger more more and more in any action that you are doing,
      simply observe when your actions are based on fear and when on peace.
      And it will become your nature, till you will no longer need to TRUST,
      You will just follow your heart and the natural inner motion.

  3. Thank you dearest Homaya
    Several times in my life I decided to trust totally and put myself in God’s Hands or a Superior Power… or Whatever… I had no alternative!!!. I realize that I Had not the control of the situation, the control over my sons’s life and even over my life. It was a fantastic shift in my life. Trust is a Key for desperate cases or for my normal life. When I forget this I get anxious and bitter.
    Thank you for reminding this.
    Love you

    1. Thank you for the deep sharing dear Teresa,
      Thank you for sharing your wisdom,
      Indeed Lack of trust leads
      misinterpretation of what is really happening ,
      complexity and drama.
      Love you !
      Stay High !

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