Three ways to bravely declare that you are a healer and a spiritual leader.

“I am a healer.”

Say it out loud and with conviction.
Speak out as someone who believes it.

“I am a healer!”

How does that feel?

If you don’t fully trust in yourself
(and the messages you receive),
silently, you look to others for confirmation or approval
before acting.
When you become concerned with projecting your energy,
it makes sense that you would only dare
to whisper.

Last week we started reviewing the healer’s life periods
and although all of us here

already passed the first part of the training period,
it would be good to empower
the moment of birthing the healer
that you are,
before we advance in this journey.

Being able to declare these 4 little words
with confidence is important.
There is an exceptional magnetism
that shines from the aura of the one
who expresses this gift with courage
and peace.

Feeling super comfortable
with exposing to the world
this esoteric craft you are into
and being able to speak about it publicly
not only will bring more clients to your healing sessions,
but it will also amplify the effect of your healing transmission.

i am a healer

Three ways to declare yourself as a healer

My gift to you today is 3 ways to attain
the sweet bravery you need
to declare yourself a healer and spiritual leader.

  • Make HEALING yours.

Take a moment and define to yourself
who is a healer
and what is the job of a healer.

Do not keep this vague or generic,
do not compromise with the collective consciousness definition,
once you write your description,
you will  find yourself in it,

HEALER will no longer be just a “title” of a profession,
it will be an expanded perspective about life and living.

  • Honor the healer within you.

Be clear why are you attracted to healing-
Review your life story-
What was the calling, or the circumstances
and synchronicity that lead you to learn healing?
How did you realise that you are attentive to energies?
How light energies feel when they run inside you?
What do you feel when you heal?

  • Clarify your light power.

What are your natural assets
that generate transformation easily and effortlessly?
Beyond technique, beyond methodology.
How do YOU do it?
Are you a listener, do you care, are you intuitive, sensitive, psychic?
Can you see deep, or wide, colors, shapes,
or beyond illusion?
Do you hear voices, communicate with higher realms?
Are you a believer, are you committed, do you love?
What is your magic, and from where does it come?

You might like to commit even more
to this precious stream of light
by practicing it daily and even examining it daily,
until it will become undoubtable,
a source of confidence and love.


You are where life was born .
You are freedom,
you are bliss,
you are all that there is.
Accepting that you are the absolute source
is a part of your assignment.

Now, can you hit reply and infuse your confidence
into those 4 little words.
I want to feel this from you today.

Loving you!



P.S – I have more practical guidance to offer on this subject
I will share it on Tuesday the 11th, 15:00 GMT
(add to calendar)
#livelight session on my Facebook live.
If you need more guidance so nothing will prevent you
from declaring yourself out loud as a healer,
and receive a beautiful reflection/manifestation back,
Let me know your challenge in the comments below this post.


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  • Homaya

    Thank you so much for sharing, beloved!

  • rita

    was really a blessing on my day reflecting on this question and read what I felt. confidence, love and gratitude

    • Homaya

      Thank you so much for sharing, beloved!

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