How to Channel for yourself? [Text]

Support your 2021 vision being more clear and accurate

One of the participants  at  Masterclass I gave sent me a question just after:
“How do I channel for myself?”
She said it is easier for her to do reading for others, and much more
challenging to do a reading for herself.
I recall that I also had this challenge
when I just started and it could be you are dealing with that too.

So, my love, since most likely your 2021 vision is in your prime time –
here is some guidance that can support your vision being more clear and accurate

  • Your Inner work matters 

Realize that the reason one wants to have a reading is because he got lost in linear time.
If you could clearly see your steps on your inner map and feel that you have the inner strength to make them –
you wouldn’t need the reading.

Your inner work is important- before doing the reading take the time to look deep inside:
What am I holding on to?
What  do I turn my head from looking at?
Be honest. You know the answers.
They are inside you, in your thoughts and in your behavior.

  • Cultivate a good relationship with your spirit guide 

Do not tap to your prayers only when you need support.
It is too late to try to understand a foreigner language when you are in an emotional need.
Do your prayers daily, be still, learn to read the vibration your spirit guide is communicating. 
Then when the time comes –
it will be easier to translate the messages even if your ego hates to hear what you need to hear.
You can start with daily gratitude, or a daily review of your energy level.

  • Wait for the right moment 

I am sure it is challenging for you to exchange with someone in emotional turmoil,
possessed or in extensive need. So do not do it for yourself.
Calm yourself down, relax, wait for a moment until you are really open,
willing and available to listen, even to unpleasant vision.
Even if it will take a few days, like you would wait for the right water temperature before you enter the shower, wait.
You know how to do it.

You can also ask your spirit guide to summon the prophet in you when the time is ripe.

  • Move yourself into the mode 

Seat for meditation right before the reading, do a consecration, light  your altar, do your prayer,
activate the dimension, open the portals…
Be in a Sacred space- a Perfect Inner Space.
Move yourself into that state and let yourself be taken.

Let the interest and the pull and push of your ego melt in the high vibration you are at.
Be firm with that. 

  • Listen with an open heart ♥️

Avoid any mental interpretation. You are doing a reading because you want to be back on your love currents –
Keep your mind pacific, your attention open and your heart center vibrating
If you read the tarot, avoid reading the text; sometimes the message is in the image.
If you read the astrological map, look at it like a drawing; let the stars sing for you.
If you write intuitively, write with your non-dominant hand.
If you channel, put your hands on your heart.

  • Follow the energy 

Trying to believe and follow only the good news that matches your interest
is immature and does not build any self trust.
The truth is that there is no good news or bad news;
your highest good is the highest good of all and vice versa.

Your interest should not be in a confirmation of a safe reality rather in discovering:
What is the inner work I should do
in order to be able to live in contentment in that situation?

Follow the energetic charge. It is more reliable!

Love you!


Homaya Amar

By Homaya Amar

While generating a powerful sacred space, Homaya Amar inspire to a profound authenticity and opens to the light and grace within. Leading worldwide seminars where ancient shamanic wisdom and fresh, lucid revelations dance as ONE, where miraculous healing and evolution of consciousness simply emerge.

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