Music is a key for inspiration.
In my workshops I play with music
to open portals and pave paths for elevated states of consciousness.
It is the “massage oil” I use to massage the energetic bodies,
to prepare them for the journey ahead, and support integration.
Many times you’ve asked me to get a copy of my playlist,
but today – I give you a glimpse!
I feel the need to share with you that:


  • Like an astral DJ, I channel the music to play in the heat of the moment.
  • I choose carefully what to play (watch video: The Art if Listening)
    yet what you finally listen to is infused with a magical download
    that can never be repeated, that is composed exactly for those
    who sit with you in the room.
  • Once you listen to a certain song in a sacred space with me,
    whenever you will listen to it again, the energetic gifts you received
    in the moment of the first listening, are extended.
  • I respect the artists I play, and love to give you their names,
    so that if you’d like, you can reward them
    for the great musical wonders they gift us with.
Here you can see a 5 of the delicious albums I’ve recently
listened to, and feel like sharing with you:
Leave me a comment below,  I’d love to know your input
about your listening experience.
If you can share some sound diamonds that will enrich my playlist…
I would be so grateful!


Love you
P.s. Don’t forget the little heart meditation,
In every magazine post you get – please- If you like it,
click the little heart above so I’ll know to pamper you with more of that stuff.

P.s 2 you can get all of those Cd’s at Bandcamp.com – wonderful place

P.s 3 another good reason to subscribe to my youtube channel –
alongside with wonderful spiritual content- you can see my music playlist as it grows.
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  • Avatar

    Beloved Homaya
    Thank you from the deepest bottom of my heart.
    Love light and blessings to share with your team
    Take care

    • Avatar

      SO good to hear from you!
      Blissful days to you my love.

  • Avatar

    Beloved and dearest Homaya, you know how to touch my soul with music. This is the utmost gift one can receive. For that I am truly grateful. Love yooooouuu!
    Love the name “Homaya Airlines playlist” 😍

    • Avatar



      Love you ♡

  • Avatar

    Dear Homaya, such precious music indeed!Hearing these musics is a balm to the heart and to the mind. Thank you <3 !

    • Avatar

      Thank you, love,
      so happy to gift you all with that.

  • Avatar

    Thank you homaya! Love all your musique, always find gems
    ! have a beautiful summer with music!

    • Avatar

      Thank you !
      Have a blissful summer time!

  • Avatar

    Oh my blessed Homaya, so “strong” every time…I was doing a massage to my sister (my “new” sister…I discover her just one year ago even if she is 36..)she was crying during the massage…and arrive your mail, and I open it and find your gift…I’m listening and crying with my sister…without words, but with all the heart… You are always inside me…your light arrive to me. I love you.

    • Avatar

      Thank you for sharing,
      this is so deep and valuable.
      I’m honored to be part of this precious moment.

  • Avatar

    Thank you Homaya,
    I love to dive into music and let it bring me to my hightest peak, feel the connection with Source.
    Thank you because I can feel my energetic body in an other place and time, just closing my eyes and listening to this music, no space, no time anymore, feeling in a magical circle, in DI, with so many beautiful soul, and in the same moment, with my family and present life.
    I left to every soul that will read this, one of my favourite sound:
    hope it can embrace you.

    • Avatar

      Sweet Sara, I had you in my heart when I wrote this post.
      So great that you got it!
      Love and blessings my dear.
      & thank you for the music.

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