50% of the people I have guided in my life have been asking what their life purpose is.

Maybe even more than 50%.

I have a feeling that there is no living person that doesn’t go through a phase of searching this deep question about the meaning of life.

As deep as this question is, as challenging as it is to answer, in a way that feels satisfying, the asking of it gives a certain direction and makes you feel you are touching something concrete.

Life is too rich, and you are too rich, for an answer that can be captivated in a few words.


You can feel at home and your mind can rest with the simple and ever-unfolding answer that-

The purpose of life is living.

And with that being said I wish to offer you a few more distinctions- and I invite you not to read them rendered by your mind, but to allow yourself to capture the energetic transmission that is infused in these words.


Your own, specific, life purpose-

is written in your soul contract, and cast into your blueprint.

It is all about what you came here to be and do.

What are you here to experience?

What is your playground to awaken to your light and true nature?

Although the western mind tends to believe that these questions should be connected to an occupation or a job title, you know by now that divinity doesn’t reduce your entire glorious presence to what will finally define the amount of money you earn, or the prestige you will gain from a certain activity.

Yes, there could be some links between your life purpose and your occupation, but it will not be that narrow.

You are here to experience a certain fragrance from the unlimited versions of ‘All there is’, and that scent will show up in your life.

It will show up as something that you care for, something which interests you, and something about which you are passionate.

It could be a vast theme or a delicate notion. Anything from a dance to a spiral. It could be breathing, grace, exposure, purple…ANYTHING.

And if your mind can not understand, it is because your mind can not understand.

It could be something that you are struggling with, something you master or something that you do not even think you have.

And if it is so important for you to name it and recognize it, try to define what you took the most out of your life until now. Because it’s probably woven in.

Your higher purpose

is not directly connected to what you are here to experience and do, although it will definitely be present in those aspects.

Just like giving and receiving dance together,

your life purpose is more related to what you get and learn. 

And your higher purpose is about what you give,

and what is being given through you!

What is your place in this world, in this life, from a Divine perspective?

How do you serve life, humanity, divinity?

What is happening in your presence?

What is able to live and happen because of your presence?

This is your light constitution. Your imprint.

Now the key here is effortlessness,

You flow there,

you are aligned.

It works that way because you are designed for it, every part of you, composed immaculately – just for this.

Your Highest purpose is your effortless service to humanity.

What is left for you is to learn to love it,

Respect it,

Apply it.

Have fun,
You might have other wishes for yourself

But this is where your best is.

If you feel you want to ask me anything or share your vision with me,

Please feel comfortable simply writing back.

If you wish to activate your imprint, you know you can do it 

Light Seeder

Infinity Streamer

Flame Illuminator

Paradise Opener


Blessings beloved,

So good that you are here!


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