‪How could it be that what we are called to heal in our life,

are the parts we actually reject,

‪what we ignore and separate ourselves from…?

I’m asking HOW this could be,

since at the root of our being, we are completely connected,

‪one with all there is,

We are the only one there is.

YOU are the only one there is.


So how come there is impurity?

How come there is illness or diseases?

How come there is separation or rejection?


When I say reject,

It does not necessarily mean that you resist or oppose a certain part of you,

rather it means you’re looking to “know” it

before you welcome it.

You are interested in tracing its figure, its image,

before accepting its nature.


You might not be aware you are doing it,

It might seem natural and obvious,

but it’s there-

the belief that you already know it all,

that you SHOULD know, and it is your right to know.

(And this, by the way, is the root of fear).


There are parts that we can’t know.


Our YES is whole and complete,

we recognize ourselves as a unified ONE

when we accept to be in peace with ALL.

When we accept to recognize that there is an immense UnKnown

and we are completely ok and in peace with it.

This is true peace, and The only OK feeling.


Peace with the unknown, the unknowable,

And peace with the fact that it would never be known.


That the only way to really know it, is by embracing the mystery as it is.



Fields of mystery

are part of you, as whole,

‪And they can stay as such.


‪It is as such.



This week the #DirectWithHOMAYA conversation,

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#InnePeace   #Wholeness   # HealingIsBeing  

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