The healer state of awareness that can clear the victim out

In this special time,
Of quarantine,
I notice people are getting more and more out of alignment,
Out of their center.


But this time is not that different from any other global shift.
It is weaved into our reality, in phases,
moving patches of intensity.


Obviously, most of us, are in a global cocoon time,
so our mind feels challenged more than ever.
The comfortable moves from one place to another,
That feed the story that something is happening,
Do not work right now.


We can not truly know what the butterfly is going through
inside of its cocoon,
I do assume that there is an ultra-genetic sacred code
That gives strength to the hungry caterpillar,
To grow his magnificent wings
That will teach him to fly.


Can the cocoon phase be shortened?
What is a child doing when he is going through
his growing pains, his bones stretching him higher and higher?
Can the deer skip rubbing his head on the trees
For the service of giving birth to his glorious horns
And might crown?


This initiation period is inevitable,
And needed!


Ask yourself what are you doing
when you are inside of the Cocoon?

One wonderful thing that you can do at this time,
Is to prevent the victim from taking over,
Because this part in you
Can stay rested inside of the cocoon,
And it is also the part that will keep you in the cocoon.


Now highlight this part, my love
This teaching is important also for the healer in you-
In order to clear the victim out of the room of your consciousness
Check with yourself:
What should you do as a healer?


Draw a distinction, as sharp as surgeon’s scalpel
Between help, aid, and support.
You are not here to help,
Now or at any other time.


You are here
To love, to listen
To guide, to clarify,
To support, to inspire,
To accelerate, to catalyze,
To pray
To bless.


As a healer
You are here to respect the natural life force
Of everything
And everyone.


Victim consciousness needs help,
Because he lost the way to his own inner power.


If you help, you will take his life lessons,
When you help, you move him deeper in complexity,
When you help, you get karmically involved.


Instead of helping, be present.
Be there with full love and attentiveness
To inspire the inner light of each one who is in your presence,
When one’s inner power is active
He is able to learn from what is happening,
Create changes,
And to accept miracles.


No butterfly needs help to come out of the cocoon,
Neither to stay in it.
Life force is awakened in him in the darkness,
(A darkness created by his own wisdom,)
And pushes him out of the cocoon,
Pushing blood through the veins of his wings,
Spreading colors and giving strength.

Instead of helping, be present.
Be there with full love and attentiveness
To inspire the inner light of each one who is in your presence,
When one’s inner power is active
He is able to learn from what is happening,
Create changes,
And to accept miracles.


We can even say that this is the essence of immunity:
Consciously embracing greater responsibility
When welcoming the unknown,
Choosing positivity,
Guarding the expansion of the presence of love.


Beloved Healer- Please,
Create butterflies.

I love you,
Shine bright
It is effortless!




P.S. We can exchange more about this topic in the comments section below this blog.
And also tune in live on my Facebook page
Tuesday (14th April 15:00 GMT)
to explore deeper how you can support clearing victim consciousness
And moving higher and higher to embrace the free creator that you are,
Especially at this time!

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  • Charlesfap
  • teresa gonçalves

    Beloved Homaya
    after writing a big text to you… it disappeared!!! So…I just tell : THANK YOU! Love you! I resonate with your live today.

    • Homaya

      Welcome my dear, keep blooming!

  • Floricica the White Rose

    Beautiful and inspiring words my beloved Homaya. I always thought that I’m supposed to help others, but now thinking about how you explain it all, that “help” got a total new light about it. Blessed be! 🙏💗

    • Homaya

      This is wonderful! brilliant! this upgrade in your attitude will empower you as a healer and will accelerate your contribution! Bless you!

  • Greg Boudy

    So inspiring
    I love the image of the cocoon which conveys so we’ll the effortless aspect of transformation
    I can share that I love this time of being in this quarantine cocoon right now: finally, being with myself feels legit and I don’t have to feel bad or lonely. I’m by myself and it’s good this way, while I used to think the opposite: that isolating myself physically would disconnect me from the world. I’m discovering it was all a mind construct.
    This cocoon time is bringing a loving light to my inner power
    I’m grateful for this realization Homaya _/\_ Om

    • Homaya

      Ho, how I echo with it… Yes for people who are introverts- there are many gifts at this special time. Love and blessings to you!

  • Esmeralda

    <3 Just Match a Satsang I listen today. THank you for those words. <3

    • Homaya

      Beautiful, thank you, strong calling for you.

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