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Even in holistic medicine, most of us (healers, healees, and self-healing),
tend to offer healing, focusing on the problem and its manifested phenomenon.
Healing techniques are aiming to cure and resolve specific problems
while methodologies and approach are composing an overall attitude to all that doesn’t function.

We are all conditioned to read the black letters on the white paper-
rarely if at all we give time and attention to the space between the letters,
to the white page the story is written on, to what the entire page emanates.
When we go to a ballet, we tend to look at the dancers, focus on the bodies and its movements
and nearly never stay there just to feel the dynamic space that is between the dancers.

When your healee is entering your luminous healing room,
there is an exchange of energies, words, and prayers that is happening.
Where you place your attention, as a healer, is crucial.

Most likely you would tend to give maximum attention to the problem.
“This is why this person came, he is suffering, and this is ‘my job’ and “my responsibility’ to take care of it” –
Would be the thought form that will guide you.
I find it unreliable foundation to base the healing on,
Can you build a temple when your consciousness is based on weeds?

It’s most natural and almost inevitable that the problem
will show itself in the healing room,
very similar to the way it appears in real life.
It needs to happen.
As long as you will focus on healing the phenomenon,
you might find yourself, assuming that you are communicating with your healee,
and actually, it’s the thicker layer of his manifested complexity
that you become extensively engaged with.

If your healee deals with lack of clarity, you will need to pave the way for common ground.
If the problem is severe isolation, it would be super challenging to build trust,
If the problem is faking, there would not be a clear path to walk on together,
And if the problem is a lack consciousness, it would be rare that he or she will even show up.
(Do a little test and bring awareness to that in the next healing session you offer.)

The other option is to heal beyond the problem, not aiming to transform the disease or the discomfort,
instead, giving your full care and attention to the entire human and soul that is in the room with you.
You can make a distinction between the complexity and what it covers, giving the appropriate wise attention to each of those ‘parts’.
Because the “problems” brought with them a vast field of potentials longing to bloom and play, and this is your real client!

You don’t need to ignore the charge or the pain,
yet, don’t make it your focus,
not the story nor the ways the story evolves.
Consciously don’t tune into it.
And when offering a technique bring awareness to the way you approach.

This by itself will offer a complete new sacred space to the healee and his/her energetic state, a safe place in which they can start to practice a new approach to themselves, others and life.
A place where they can see themselves way wider than they are used to.

Focus, wholeheartedly and lovingly, on the vastness and immensity of the one that is with you, sooner or later that will remind him, and inspire him to do the same,
This will give him the fuel he needs to awaken his natural life force, the vital notion of life and living, and make his choice of what and how to live.
His own love and strength will transmute his pain into the compost of the life he was born to live.

For all of that beloved, you need to cultivate some type of force-
Peace as an elevated form of clarity.

Photo by: John Towner, thank you!

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    Catherine Wohlleben

    Love this and love you Homaya!

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    Ana Paula Abreu Martins

    Namasté Beloved Master,
    And again… and each time… so strong inquiry: “Can you build a temple when your consciousness is based on weeds?” Big Lessons come within each answer that shows itself every time the intention is clear and unattached from the ‘problem’.
    Thank you so much for your clarity and love, always blessing me…
    Darshana Paula

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      I’m honored to be of service,
      Yes I feel that as healers, is it so highly important that we will have an active awareness of what we are doing with the energy,
      our energy, the one of our client.
      We must open ourselves more and more to a bigger and greater picture/ Perception.
      Love you! Hug you!

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