The first phases you are evolving through in your Healer’s life

When I had just started to offer healing services,
a friend of mine
went to see a healer she hadn’t met for quite a long time,
about seven years.

When she came back,
one of the things she shared
was how much this healer
and became stronger and more clear

She said to me:
“Imagine us, ten years from now.”

At that time,
I had lots of passion and not so much experience,
all the energetic downloads I had received from my masters
were so fascinating and empowering.
I had no way to imagine and project
how would I be 10, 15, 20 years in the future.

Everything was already so high
I was under the perception
that it couldn’t get higher.

Looking from where I am now,
after learning and being in the presence of many masters,
birthing and initiating hundreds of healers
I can say that a healer’s life is divided into periods,
and in each period “feeling high”
appears differently.
Definitely, they can not be compared.

The Periods of a Healer's Journey

It is fascinating to look at the periods.
There is much more to it then a schematic description
however, we need to start with something.

The Training Period

Most healers were born with
a psychic or intuitive template
living with open antennas
Sensitive, emotionally open,
and empathic.

If you resonate with it,
life was never flat for you,
This sensitivity made you feel sometimes that you were
living without skin, without boundaries
you were fragile and reactive
to people, spaces and energies.

Most likely, as long as this sensitivity
wasn’t recognized and embraced,
you were even a victim of your life circumstances,
hurt, lost or ill.

That was your training period!
It is the healer’s prenatal

You would never know truly what happened during this time.
You can be sure though, that
its impact and potency
are proportional to your sensitivity!

Transitioning to the next period in healer’s life

The training period moves to a new level
when you start learning the lessons life gives you
and become aware of the way you contributed
to the way things happened.

At this point,
you start understanding and embracing your sensitivity,
recognizing the power in it.

Your love matures
and your confidence increases enough
for your energy to become more electric.

In other words, you are less of a sponge.
You realise that you can do something
with your light, that you can contribute to change
the situation.

But unlike the periods of your personal life,
The healer’s periods are not affected by time.


There are 4 more periods to the healer’s life.
We will cover them in the next few weeks,
and we will be able to see the golden thread
that makes you evolve
from one period to the other.

For more, join me this Tuesday, the 4th August at 15:00 GMT
(add to the calendar)
on my Facebook page for a #livelight session.

Feel free to share with me in the comments below the post
Your insights about your training period.
I want to listen to you.

I’m honoured to be your guide.
Loving you


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