I remember the day that I’ve realized that every couple, family, and group
are considered as ONE unit in the Cosmos…
equal to one person.
Everything is ONE.
A couple was participating in a ‘Soul Contract’ workshop,
and although it is a very “personal” topic, whenever we were communicating
I couldn’t see or feel their private spirit guide – rather their spirit guide as a couple!
So lovely!
We are used to contemplating about ourselves and the great spirit,
the one that we are and the one that there is.
In the spiritual quest we are interested to know WHO we are,
not WHAT we are,
and for the mind, sometimes, it is a good enough
for it to stay more attached to human traits
and to the individual that you are.
Every CONNECTION, micro or macro,
every relationship,
group of co-workers, family,
is an extract from the whole – from a greater intelligence field
which, by itself,  is already a living organ.
 [Video: A Greater Intelligence Field  3:18 min]


What we experience as an individual is beyond the limits of our body.
As much as we would like to believe that
our thoughts, moods, emotions & believe systems-
are ours,
they are arousing through the segment that we are,
they are a flash of a collective motion
known as THY.
When this realization will be experienced within you,
you will have no doubts about the power of engaging.
The strength and gifts of commitment-
because this is the point in which things (like your creative projects, your relationships)
start to have their power-
a life of their own.
This is LOVE.


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  • Naama Gabbay

    “…every couple, family, and group are considered as ONE unit in the Cosmos…”
    Such a powerful understanding! This realization put together some puzzle pieces in my consciousness,
    thank you Homaya!

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