Have you done your meditation today…?
I’ve seen so many people feeling guilty, uncomfortable and bad-
Because they stopped or changed their spiritual practice.
Every religion and methodology offers a spiritual practice,
Activities, Meditations, Contemplation, Prayers --
Standing on your head, writing shapes with colorful pencils or doing nothing.
Those are supporting steps
for you -- to evolve in the light of that methodology.
But sometimes people manage to get confused
also from the things that are supposed to guide and align them.
Your practice is at risk of becoming a paradigm,
wrapped up in an entire belief system.
Changing spiritual paradigms is NOT easy,
you probably, un-consciously, will do everything you can to avoid it.
we relate to it as an unbreakable bridge to connect to our divine nature and elevated wisdom.
But there could be a stage that the practices and the rituals,
the beliefs,
are taking you away from the direct experience.

[Video: God is in your BONES 6:02 min]
You can’t train yourself to be dependent on those practices!
To sleep while believing.
Whatever you choose- make sure again and again that it is kept fresh and free--
That it is serving you.
Make sure that you see beyond your spiritual layout of what and how to do,
that you are still free within your practice,
That your practice and belief system serve the greater you
and not the other way around.
Keep yourself bigger than your practice
bigger than your belief
bigger than truth itself.
Love you!
Feel free to share your insights and inspire in the comments, beloved.

You got to give to yourself the entire of of these 6 minutes
to get the full download of this “forever free” dose.

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    Thank you Homaya, its a good reminder to that thruth 😉

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Welcome my love,
      Sending graceful rays your way.

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