There are many situations; in your relationship, your workplace or your career-
in which you can experience that giving is demanding,
draining your energy and even taking you down.

It does not necessarily need to be so.
Giving is a gift!

Like many things in the “art of living”, giving is an art and it can be mastered.

Giving, in its essence, is one of the pillars of your natural, effortless self-empowerment.

While giving you grow,
you meet yourself- your gifts and essences,
and you can feel the beauty and grace that pass through you.
While giving you might also meet your silent competitive nature, your fears,
your survival mode needs (it’s super important to know them)
and some playful mind manipulations.

As long as you prefer to hide and avoid any of those things I’ve listed above
(including THE amazing thing that You Are + your wonderful gifts)
you would have the tendency to twist and turn the way that you give.

To be clear on this -ask yourself:
Why do I give?
How much do I control and count what I give
and what do I get in return?
Do I give my heart or from my heart?
Do I give myself or through me?

Is the reason to give coming from ego/mind
is there a need to receive something in return,
or the is the motivation to give is simply to shine bright,
and generate the most natural essences,

and by that to be a witness to the divine splendor that I am?

Let’s bring some light into this:

Any time you give and expect to gain something in return,
whether it would be gaining a reward
(compliment, appreciation, being noticed are all included)

or gaining protection – you are not fully giving.

You define the limits of this transmission,
you’re holding on to an idea and an expectation
of the appropriate return that will nurture you.

When giving while waiting for a return- you feed your frustration
instead of empowering your light.
You’re expecting to be nourished by what you will gain,
and don’t let yourself to be nourished by your own strength, by seeing how magical, powerful and wonderful you are,

Experiencing how much you already have-
so much – that you can give and give and give!

Isn’t it a wonderful thing to experience?
Wouldn’t you like that?

(Little note to say that: this is what creating Karma means, based on cause an effect.)

This would be similar when you give your heart
instead of giving from your heart.

when you give your heart,
when you give yourself,
you’re giving the wrong thing from the wrong place.
It’s as simple as that.

It’s not comfortable, but it’s easier to give the heart than from the heart.
This is why many people in early stages of intimate relationship, do it.
You give all of you, and underneath,
you’re running away from really being there,
from receiving the love or the rejection that can come in return.

Giving fully does not depend on quantity.
It is attention,
it is addressing care, light, awareness into a form.

Giving is not an action although it appears as such.
When you’re really giving, you’re there,
You are the essence of what you give,
It might even feel much bigger than you, yet it must come through you.
You allow the generosity of the divine to pass through you.

I’m sure that in such a state, you wouldn’t ask yourself ”
“where is God?”
“do I feel God?”
You would not say “I wan’na be closer to God”.

and find yourself closer to god,
closer to your lover
and so intimately involved with yourself.

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    Dear Homaya, thank you and bless you, you are always in my heart from where now I can Be. Love to you.

    • Avatar

      Beloved Elisabeta,
      you are SO welcome,
      I hug you,
      and looking forward to hearing some news from you.

  • Avatar

    really good and relevant and nourishing, just in time.

    for some reason its much easier for me to give on the spiritual and emotional level, yet there is resistance to give on the day to day practical level.

    on the other hand, its really not so easy to differentiate the ego motives for the natural giving.
    becouse many times i just through the baby with the water, when i see the ego wants something, i just drop everthing, saying to myself its not clean enough.
    what would you recommend for you old friend?
    big hugs and thank you for giving so much

    • Avatar

      Blessings beloved, and welcome,

      The physical plan is a wonderful reflection,
      if you feel that on the physical plan you are holding something,
      please know that it is already retained on the energetic and the emotional level.
      nothing can appear only on the physical level, it always starts in the ethnic.
      So contemplate, where are your holding yourself back.

      Please let me know if it clear, and if I can support in any other way.
      love you!

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        I can see part of this limitation, and a fear of losing myself in giving and so on. I am willing to change that. if you have any sugestions I am open

        • Avatar

          Be more present,
          or in other words-
          more attentive.

          We give every moment, with our eyes, our body gestures, the energy we emit,
          Become more and more aware of the effect they create,
          you wouldn’t be able to lose yourself,
          on a contrary- what you give would be full of positive caring charge.

          Do 1 time a day, an aware experiment,
          for some time,
          until it would become your nature.

          Would love to hear how it goes.


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    Teresa gonçalves

    Thank you beloved Homaya. To have this consciousness is a journey to “perfection”. For me has been a hard learning and it is not yet completed!!!

    • Avatar

      Blessings Teresa
      isn’t it wonderful that it is not yet complete?
      As your heart expand, and you become more generous,
      You discover that you have still much more to give.
      It is beautiful!

  • Avatar

    Beautiful, Homaya. Thank you

    • Avatar

      Bless you, Beloved!

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