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The practical obvious guidance and a luminous key to feeling confident with your insight and intuition.

Hugs of light,

You know, during the last #livelight session,
a sweet one was asking me a question
relating to self-confidence
and I just couldn’t leave it behind
because I know, that in one way or another,
you deal with a version of her story.
Many intuitive, empath and psychic people do.

You’re doing your practice every day with full dedication,
and still,
your mind shuts down your psychic,
your emotional and mental patterns overtake
and cover the fresh crispy insights that arrived to your heart
with a patch blanket of mental concepts, doubts, and prejudgments.

You open the tarot card and you can’t trust your reading,
you have just received an answer but
instead of accepting it, you find yourself searching for a new one.

You can’t rely on what you have just received,
can not enjoy the fruits of your gift.
It makes you feel that you can’t step to the next stage,
lacking self-confidence.


I need to start with giving you the very
Practical, maybe obvious, guidance

  1. Of course, you want to realign your spiritual practice,
    as it might be empowering your second chakra (or any other)
    and not so much your guts and psychic.
    If you are doing the same chanting or the same yoga asanas for years,
    some refreshment that activates other live areas would be good.

  2. You also want to examine the way you do the practice
    observe this specific phenomenon while preforming your practice.
    Whatever shows itself in your life, it’s shown in the practice itself.

    Dedicate your practice time and prayers to affirm your subtle senses and insights.

  3. Clean yourself, even more,
    detox your body, release vows, do energetic clearing daily.
    Do it shamelessly and guilt-free,
    nothing is wrong with you if you already have done 10 physical or energetical cleans,
    and you still feel that there are things to clean,
    it could be that there is an emotional denial,
    or unreached pain in your subconscious,
    and it could be that you are ready to raise your vibrations even higher.

  4. And, go see another teacher, another healer,
    someone out of your spectrum of familiarity,
    because, although we might not like to name it,
    spiritual conditioning does exist.

However, let’s go deeper today-
How come the intuitive one, can not trust his intuition,
and therefore loses self-confidence?

What is behind this phenomenon?

Clearly, the mind will dismiss the insights and light,
coming from higher dimensions,
more abstract, formless places of your consciousness.

It is almost that there is a competition or a battle,
between the higher currents
and the day-to-day perception
constantly running in the background.

When the flow of thoughts and restless reactions
Is quickly washing away pure insight once it is rising
the inner truth, and the truth
are lost.
With it, exactly at that point
your confidence is lost.

If you can’t trust your reality check
and your perception of ‘what there is,’
you can’t know anymore what is real,
what is actual, and what is relevant.

Your confidence is rooted in the non-conceptual TRUTH
which is in your ability to be present in the here and now,
the place that real, actual, and relevant meet.

A luminous key for you

Your ticket out is to
go deeper in your daily life and see
when are you willing to give up your truth,
and I am not talking about speaking out what you believe in,
don’t run into that drama.

Check where are you giving yourself, expectation, imagination, and stories,
instead of being relevant to the situation,
with your multidimensional presence.

Do not wait to be comfortable with your intuition,
and high vibrational insights,
when your client is in front of you, or when you open the tarot-
Do not lie to yourself,
Avoid it.

Train yourself to know that
vision and imagination
are not the same thing!

Ok, love, that was long,
clearly there is more to elaborate here
and I am also willing to relate to your questions,
so we shall meet on Tuesday the 7th July @15:00 GMT , my Facebook page
(Add it to your calendar here)
And we will get clearer about confrontation, imagination, vision, truth, actuality, and more…

Feel free to share with me
your insights and questions in the comments below this post
exactly here

I Love you!
You are divine!


P.S – It does not mean that the doubts will not rise,
however, you now have a sword to deal with them
and as you confront doubt more and more,
you will be lighter, aligned, and confident.


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    Amit Manglani

    Thank you for writing very well blog with great content,
    have never read this before Thank you so
    much for sharing Best motivational speaker in India can help you to make more confidence

  • Avatar

    Wow, just the other day I had a huge insight on purity of words. טוהר המילה. A friend was relating a story about “crime” families monopolizing recycling, and how they clean and reuse and repurpose to resell all the stuff they pick up. And I was overjoyed because it suddenly dawned on me, that it is a light family, they are so purely keeping the recycling promises they made, while others just promise.

    • Avatar

      yes, the purity and the integrity totally support you being one with truth. The truth.

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