Miracles and regression are all parts of the healing process.

How can it be that the results of a healing session are so different with different people? One person experiences miracles and wonders are the colors of his healing process, changes and a great transformation in his life, and the other does not experience any change.

How can this be?


This is a question I received from one of my students,

and it’s also a question I am sure you’re asking yourself.


I have a few insights I wish to share with you, to give clarity to this issue-


Remember, You are a lightworker

As a healer and lightworker, you need to constantly define to yourself – what is energy healing, what is at the core of transformation, and how does it come into play, in other words- what type of energy are you working with?


The first thing I teach in the ‘Awakened Healer’ class is the healer prayer – with whom do you work? What energy do you run?

Don’t limit yourself with the words ‘light healing’ and ‘energy healing’ – go deeper, make it tangible!


We are living in such a material world that sometimes we mistakenly expect that light work will operate and perform similarly to matter. Light does not follow a specific dogma, we are not in control, as healers, and there is not necessarily reassuring feedback every step along the way.


Healing is not linear

The nature of growth is not linear!

Same for the nature of light and the nature of healing.

When you look at your life, was your growth and transformation linear? I’m sure the answer is no.

Align yourself with that truth.


Therefore, a healing process for one person would never be the same as another.

Although some similarity might be, both in the symptoms and in the healing process, each one is unique.


One process might be fiery and electric and will have very fast changes, but it might not be stable in its integration process. Another might have very slow tectonic movements that finally will shake the entire world.


What are the aspects that influence the rhythm of the transformational process?


First- the ability to create intimacy, open up and surrender,

Followed by-

  • His or her constitution
  • A person’s Lifestyle, supporting environment and life cycle
  • Belief system
  • Nutrition, weight and age
  • Purity, integrity and denial
  • Inner commitment, willingness and free will
  • Self-love, self-confidence and self-sabotage
  • Karma, past life residues, contracts, vows and soul agreement.


Sacred space is results free


Leave your expectation of someone’s healing process and the need to have results aside. I can’t emphasize that enough- it is CRUCIAL FOR THE HEALING PROCESS!


In most of the healing processes I lead, I have no idea what my next word or movement will be.
I am there, as a sacred space, wholeheartedly caring for this person with me in that sacred space, free from any pressure to provide him with the results he or she is expecting.


Your job as a healer is to be empty for the divine light to enter. Expectations and ideas about the healee, his progress, or how good you perform as a healer will not support the space.


Instead, I encourage you to be there, curious, loving, feeling, with open attention. I encourage you to learn as much as you can about who is there with you. Discover the way he thinks, feels, and moves in life. Notice the way the energy moves in his or her energy field and the way consciousness is experiencing itself through him.


From that place, you will know exactly how to reach your healee, where to touch, and what to say. And the healing process will feel like a divine dance.


How to work with those who are transforming slowly?


I advise you to work on their ability to open up, to flow, to accept, to receive, to let go, to integrate, and to transform.

Respect their process.

It might be exactly what they need for their healing.

Focus on the way your healee integrates the healing energy, your light work.


And most of all-

work on your consciousness. On your ability to see light in everything and be light, your ability to hold sacred space and – your prayer!



Beloved, what expectations or results are you letting go of, in your healing process?

How does it make you feel?

Share with me in the comments.




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  • Avatar

    Thank you luminous Homaya for this lovely post! Thank you to remind me “The principles” of healing.
    In the light-work of distance healing, I was looking for confirmations by the reactions of the healees, so I “invited” again expectations and dependency to reflect me my state of mind.
    I’m grateful for your alignment and true words.

    Love you!


    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Welcome beloved, Thank you for your love and for the connection.
      With all of that, remember that if you compare distance healing to healing in Person- you will find some limitation,
      BUT- if you started learning what the distance healing is offering – you will realize other advantages that you could not even expect. SO dive into the medium of long distance healing with open attentiveness, and learn how its advantages compared to in-person healing and its own qualities and gifts.
      It is like the difference between giving birth in water and in the air. In both cases, you will give birth- and each medium has its advantage and disadvantages.
      Love you!

  • Avatar
    Ana Paula

    Sinto um fluir da vida cada vez maior.
    agradeço todos os teus ensinamentos e mim por estar disponível para aprender .
    cada passo é no sentido da consciência, da presença, do amor infinito por tudo o que me rodeia.
    Cada vez vez me sinto mais alinhada e em sintonia de forma fluída.
    Por vezes com medo e com rigidez… mas depois a onda passa e está tudo certo.
    Agradeço minha amada mestre pela tua existência e amor.

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      This is the true work!
      The work towards true alignment, real embodiment of unconditional love, Purity, beauty
      This is the real thing.
      As more that will be alive and present, all other life areas will be in peace, you will be at peace with whatever is happening in your life.
      This true effortless attitude will allow you to welcome the abundance of the universe. The abundance of love.

  • Avatar
    Ana Paula Abreu Martins

    And also I learned to accept that sometimes I am called to do something different that my mind had thought, and I work to allign with this through feeling 🙂 Thank you

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Our feelings or physical body will need, sometimes, to compensate for our mental activities and decisions.
      Love you!

  • Avatar
    Ana Paula Abreu Martins

    _/\_ Your posts are always so nourishing! Thank You. Actually there is a challenge that sometimes I find, and it is that the healee needs to hold on to the reclaiming that the healer must tell him exactly what to do and he is not even able to feel he is there, why is he really there, who brought him there, and for me this is a beautiful learning to be able to facilitate the most deep mirror answers to this 3 questions and follow through from here to whatever the healee is able to connect to, to be touched, digest and transform… I learned and respect the fact that it is completely unknown the way things happen, it is completely unknown the result, therefore I don’t encapsulate the expectation to see any result… Although the thing I hold on to is the sacred space of the intention for the highest good and the humbleness of place myself in the abundance of creation, of light, of supreme consciousness, to flow through my hands, as healing or transformational or just appeasing energy…
    Thank you, I feel also the more I heal myself, the better healer I become, I feel also the truth grows inside as we grow… I feel… and I pray to feel more, to connect more, to serve more, to easily and gently respond as divine will…
    Golden embrace

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Thank you for this golden embrace and all the amazing wisdom that you share with us all here.
      Yes- as much as you heal yourself is us better healer you are, as more light you spread, effortlessly, in your presence.
      And YES- most healees are coming with a specific consciousness- active victim consciousness and pain, and as they ask for support they ask for security, for solutions – but this is the first step in the path, we all are walking in.
      Be blessed, my love!

  • Avatar

    Grata por todos os ensinamentos que me tem dado na realidade entrarmos em ressonância com o fluir do universo e o dançar das pessoas é o ideal, bem haja, um grande abraço.

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Thank you beloved Ligia,
      eternal love is always felt from your heart.
      Bless you!

  • Avatar
    michael fidelman

    thank you beloved. i leave my expectations to create any signifcent change in those who come,
    i leave the pretnce to be in a place that can show the truth or to give any sualtion
    i allow myself to be problem mentality free, and to see gently from how love sees and feels
    i give up the need to controll or change anything by my own will or ideas wwhat should or should not be

    and most of all, i noticed the separating thought that come up in me and many people that have some experience of inner work
    wich is : “its still happening, the pain , the trauma, the limitation is still there, it should be different by now”

    thank you
    love you

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      You are so welcome! Healing is so much about allowing the energies to flow in their current and rhythm, therefore, it is most natural that the entire healing process will be like that.
      Healing is about aligning, yet aligning is not according to a rigid dogma.
      I am happy to read your words and openness,
      I pray it will encourage you to be there more as the amazing healer that you are!

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