The Inner Child, as an aspect of our complete being,
most of the time craves for immediate and direct attention.
It is one of its characteristics.
even if it appears inert or passive.
Therefore, in places and cases that he or she did not receive the opportunity
to complete their needs of expression,
they will come into play, in a demanding way,
as apposed to other aspects of ourselves (such as the Grandmother, the Worrier etc…)
Healing the inner child in one way to deal with this situation.
Another, is to welcome it to be a contributing part
of the entire “FAMILY”,
our entire being.

Dispel Your Inner Child’s Silent Competition:

This teaching is focused on the inner child
remember you are invited to apply the art of Zooming out
to any limitation you confront.
When you can only see one option --
it is an indication your mind in control.*

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Homaya Amar

By Homaya Amar

While generating a powerful sacred space, Homaya Amar inspire to a profound authenticity and opens to the light and grace within. Leading worldwide seminars where ancient shamanic wisdom and fresh, lucid revelations dance as ONE, where miraculous healing and evolution of consciousness simply emerge.


  1. I think my inner child had been more active in the past, because I didn t take time to hear it. And didnt think it has the right to ask for attention.
    But I can see that I take more care to listen and look for the neeeds of my inner child. And I recognise that I am much calmer now .
    But it is still not yet all the time easy to know how to look after my child. I feel I was very severe with my child.
    it had to behave well .

    I recognise that I am learning.

    1. Dear Anette,
      Many time the way we speak with ourselves, is the way we heard people around us speaking.
      What you are sharing is a beautiful opportunity to reset your entire system,
      concerning the way you relate to yourself.
      The essence of what is shared in the video,
      is not about finding an appropriate way to relate to the inner child,
      rather acknowledging that the entire cosmos lives in you,
      lives as you.
      Let your inner child feel at home with all that you are,
      contemplate on the option that he does not need a treatment, but a whole FAMILY hug.

  2. thank you ! for the answer, i feel more in theory and mental, emotionally i would like to fell the wisdom that you write, i have to pratice a lot to connect more with this wholeness, my mental
    divides all!
    you are woman with a great wisdom.

    1. You are welcome !

      If so, Start with the practice i offered,
      as well you can track in a diary, 3 or 4 time a day, for few days- (best 28 days)
      and descibe with what you identify in the last few hours,
      it would be good to have this feedback. you might start to develop new relationship with yourself cause of that.


  3. I have to learn this. How to do that? Using the Father , Mother, Grandmother,Grandfather and the inner child , inside of me in the moment i needed. Are several archetypes within a person.At the moment i fell the child , and i look for the father to protect the child outside of me, in my partner , its not good, i have to look inside of me , but how? Do you teach this?

    1. Dear Susana,
      The inner child runs the life of many people,
      It is the parts who doesn’t feel developed, and crave for attention and support.
      A very basic practice to do
      is to create sacred space daily,
      listen to what this child needs,
      and give it to “her” yourself.
      love, faith, peace.
      That will support you alot !

      Yet the teaching in the video is asking for something more than that:
      Realize that all of those archetypes are vivid within you simultaneously,
      interconnected living form,
      the entier Cosmos is vivid within you.
      Focus on this wholeness!
      This immensity that you are,
      instead of chooping your personality into little pieces,
      let all live in peace with in you.
      Tune with it,
      and lets yourself intentionally feel it.

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