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THREE KINDS OF HEALING [Text] - Homaya.org



Describing your work as a healer

Is it like reiki?

Is it Theta healing?

I have been asked what I do in many different ways on many different occasions.

Describing what I do as a healer is a challenge, as I myself needed to undo the action, breakdown the seen, and gradually over the years perfect the essence of the irregular healing I offer.

Today I can offer a clear line between three different kinds of healing that all embody mastery in healing: energy healing, conscious healing and presence healing.

All three of these healing states demand and activate different forces. They also require different abilities, practices and manifestations.
Each one is a state of consciousness that has a specific strength and can create a specific valuable impact.
One leads to the other.
They all correlate.

The humbleness of embracing each one for the right situation or at the appropriate moment, as well as alternating as needed among them and fully embodying the state you are in, is part of your hygiene as a master healer, what type of mastery you are at.


Consciously and intentionally I sense
the intangible inner space motions of those who are in a committed exchange with me.
I am guided and centered as I read
the past and the future, as far as it brings itself forth in the moment.
I attentively trace
the flow of vital power in the landscape of life as it shows itself through a multidimensional bodily map.
As I gracefully touch, breath and move,
A new elevated order is forming itself, following the nature of life, facilitating its fascinating wisdom.

I am an Energy Healer.



I am a sacred space holder,
As I set myself to be empty in the unknown through the endless time and possible place
the Unknowable appears,
Formless and effortless playing with the language, the words, the movements and the knowledge.
Emotions, feelings, thoughts and beliefs, these are the richness of living which articulates itself at the core. New forms of life emerge for manifestation.

I am highly aware and peacefully accepting of the myths, the ancestral heritage, the diverse perceptions, the illusionary cooperation with alternative nows- that which allows everything to reset according to higher states and elevated settings.

My perception of the cosmic and internal worlds are accurate in their simplicity, pulsing vitality and truth.
I respect and honor all laws of creation with exquisite adoration of the law of grace and free will.
Alignment, attunement and a sense of wholeness guide me as I transcribe and generate bright key codes of lives and essences, anew.

I am a devotee of the divine.

I am a Consciousness Healer.



I am anchored in the vastness of depths from which all rise
and it is the source of my service.
Love, compassion and immaculate care,
at their raw, unarticulated form are streaming in the veins.

Good or Bad are fearlessly equivalent,
As I am completely, absolutely engaged with the un-interfered original design.

I am a full embodiment of that which I choose to encounter,
My being is fluent, carried with prime intentions, charged with accessible full potential.

My vision is my responsibility,
my impact radiates a transparent everlasting imprint.
I do no act.
My state lives by its own accord and brings to life a whole breath of that which was named and asks to be.
I permeate thy.

I am a Presence Healer.


As you read those distinctions, read them as prayers, you will feel how they become active inside of you.
You might like to read them again separately, to meditate on them, to read them out loud, or copy them and put and on your altar.

Make sure they stay implacable.
So the prayers will support your evolution as a healer.


For years I was teaching people Energy Healing, knowing the importance of Conscious healing and the powerful impact that is created by the Presence healer.
Lately I started to trace the training and initiation that can lead one to this state.
‘Windows to the Universe’ a universal chakras initiation, is one of the first settings I have created that supports people and healers to move from a 3D perception of energy to embracing the plenitude experience of conscious living.

You are welcome to  read and listen more about THE QUALITIES OF AWAKENING .


Share with me the prayer which touched you the most and what in it resonates? What do you echo with the most?
Curious to read your comments.
Love you!



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  • Avatar

    Thanks Homaya. For some reason, that I know was definitely not by coincidence, I was drawn to your site for the first time. And found this post. I said them out loud, and they’re so powerful. I feel like my growth as a healer has, unknowingly, made me become all 3 healers anyway, but I needed to bridge the gap between inner knowing from the heart, and the mind (comprehension and understanding what’s happened). Cause so much has happened in the last 3 months alone, it’s been a roller coaster ride.

  • Avatar
    michael fidelman

    it is beatifull and full of wisdom. i felt myself resonating with the simplicity of the precnce healer., were i feel my self like a an empty hole, allowing the universe to dance through me , without knowing

    • Avatar

      Thank you love for sharing,
      Yeah, I can see the presence healer on you, super good!
      and I do invite you to put the prayer on your altar,
      so your field will open up to lanes that can lead to mastery!
      Love you!

  • Avatar

    Beloved Master!
    I felt the need to translate these prayers or spells (?) or decrees (?) in order to make the download in body and soul.
    I was overwhelmed! So grateful that you share with us. They are so profound, deep! and I do not swim… but hope I would learn!!! I agree and understand almost every word you say. The question is : I do not practice enough, sometimes I do not believe I am a Healer!!!
    I Know you are with me, taking care with your love and Presence. I am so grateful! I am blessed!
    Love you Homaya.

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Beloved, You do not need to believe you are a healer to heal and transform in your presence and action.
      yet practicing it will move you, gradually- to mastery.

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Beloved, You do not need to believe you are a healer to heal and transform in your presence and action.
      yet practicing it will move you, gradually- to mastery.
      I love you!

  • Avatar

    Wow.. I feel it’s so beautiful that you wrote this post, especially now.. in my private universe, it signifies a cycle completing , exactly 4 years since we came to visit you for a “short” visit , that birthed so much !!
    A new life.
    The first questions we asked you when we came was – what is healing ?
    The way you described it was so fresh and pure , so natural. But I could not grasp it fully then.
    2 nights ago Michael gave me a spontaneous theta healing session that cleared and illuminated so much!
    And integrating that – I saw my resistentes to healing were starting to fade , realizing what you shared with us years ago, about the naturalness of healing , at the right time and place, it’s just another current of life assisting our growth and expansion.
    With that, and the Jewish new year, I want to share
    my gratitude for the deep and vast wisdom I received by being near you and your family and in your presence as my teacher and also employer
    For your unique and so precise seeing.
    I love you deeply and it’s an honor walking life alongside you 🌸

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Dear Smadar, I am moved and honored to be loved by you.
      Thank you for sharing your experiences and exploration in the last few days.
      I wish you a year of inner peace while bathing in the nectar of divine love.
      With love. Much love.

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