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With awareness and strength I am grounding into the earth within me,
Sensing the body, the blood flow, the skeleton and the muscles,
Sensing the earth under my feet,
The one who firmly holds this body,
And I am breathing deeply in.

I am connecting to a source which is vibrating inside me,
Connecting with awareness to the elevated and sublime, to the light.

My attention is in the chest are, in my heart,
And I sense the profound intimacy that exists in my entire being as whole.

And through my heart, with deep love and appreciation,
I invite into this room, into the presence of my consciousness
My masters,
And my master`s of masters,
My spirit guides,
With joy, gratitude and respect I invite the light entities and the angelic vibrations,
And the pure divine light
To be present with us, with strength and clarity.

I dedicate the fruits, flowers of this activity
To the divine consciousness,
Which is also perceived as the very essence of our being.
I am grateful, I surrender.

I declare that in all we experience here, all that is said,
each breath,
each action
is seeking goodness,
Revealing the truth,
We wish to Increase the self love, the inner peace and the inner joy,
of all who are present in this room,
All beings on planet earth,
And planet earth itself.

Thank you.


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